Thursday, June 27, 2013

Training Journal - 2013/06/23 week

06/23-06/29 LC, 5/1.2
- see Coach on Friday. Probably putting off second KB day until then.

M LC sets
LC, alternating 20kg and 24kg:
- 6,6@20kg, 5,5@24kg, 5@20kg, 5,5@24kg
28kg SW: 3x10
2x20 CL: 2x10
50 Step-downs: 50/4 sets
Stretch, notes: right side not meeting the lockout at the top. Cleans a little clunky, but better at the end.

Tu Front Squat Day
OHSQ in warmup 
FSQ: 5@65, 85, 95 x
5@125, 3@135, 1+@155 (5,3,2)
50 GHR: 14,12,12,12
50 Push-ups: 14,12,12,12
Stretch, notes: SQ felt good. Elbows dropped a little, but not much and not progressively.
Did NOT take pre-workout food today; completely burned by assistance work. I've trained fasted for years, but this was a revelation for me.
Th Press and Deadlift Day
P: 5@45, 55, 65 x
5@75, 3@85, 1+@95 (3,3)
DL: 3x5@135
Landmine presses: 25lb plate, 8, 5*
5@175, 3@195, 1+@215 (5)
50 Cable rows: 4 sets
50 HLR, some twisted: 4 sets
Stretch, notes: just noticed I'm having zero tingling in left wrist. Indian club work and mobility drills are working!
* added landmine presses, staggered stance to prevent pelvic rotation, kind of on a whim. Saw this in an article as a way to train press without lumbar/pelvic movement under the torso. I should have been doing these all along.
F Coach Shetler in ATL

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