Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rebooting and Applying Updates

This weekend will mark 1 month since the last meet.  I took a couple days off, then a month of barbells and single kettlebell drills. In very short order, this has reactivated a few strengths and revealed a few weaknesses. I already knew that I had gotten strong at 2x20kg Long Cycle and weaker at everything else, but this sort of discovery really should be the point of recovery and reboot periods.

First, my gym's owner greeted me this week with "are you finally getting heavy? your shirt's gotten tight up here", motioning across my chest and shoulders. To be honest, I was 151lb at the meet and 151lb today, but a tad more defined. My next meet has a 73kg/160lb weight class, not my usual 68kg/151lb, so I have room to grow into the new weights. What I need is squats and oatmeal and peanut butter and jelly between meals. What I really need is PBJ oatmeal... hold that thought for another post.

This article describes a few of my lumbar and shoulder symptoms to the letter, despite a bit of a tabloid title. It actually suggests a link to some old training habits. I've added abdomen and trunk exercises twice a week as suggested, and I'm eager to see what follows.

Adding Indian clubs every session has been really interesting for my joints. My left wrist now moves nearly as well as the right, and that can only be a good thing. I've also done knee therapy every workout, with good gains in strength and elasticity. I'm considering moving into leg curls and leg extensions on machines. I know how that sounds, coming from me, but there are thousands of strong men who've built powerhouse legs using those two machines as assistance work. I'm not avant-garde for avant-garde's sake; some things actually just work.

So that's what I'm up to. My assistance work is way up. My calorie burn is way up, and I'm regaining some of the strength I let go of between the Spring meets. I'm actually working on a 1-wk food journal to show exactly what I'm burning through, just for the record. In a few days, I start doing weekly splits of Long Cycle and barbells again, and I'm a little bit excited. One should be a little excited about their training, especially when it produces results.

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