Thursday, May 30, 2013

The assistance work, it burns!

5/3/1 Barbell Training

I've used Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program before. Good program, especially in a minimal configuration alongside sport training. I won't quote the program out of respect for Jim, but there is an emphasis on using the assistance work for volume and recovery. I've also had good results historically with bodyweight drills, so I'm following a bodyweight assistance template that recommends 75+ reps of everything (clearly a generalized metaphor for "a lot") but is well-suited for 5x10 as shown.
  • 531 Press, 5x10 cable rows, 5x10 deadlift speed work
  • 531 Squat (front squats for sport reasons), 5x10 glute ham raises, 5x10 press speed work
  • WKC Pentathlon, half-length, 3:00 work/2:30 rest
  • 531 Dead lift, 5x10 hanging leg raises, 5x10 squat speed work
  • PT every session: Indian club drills before, 3 sets of Peterson step-ups after
All my "speed work" is bodyweight or ballistic in nature, as my strength work tends to be slow. I've also moved the same-direction assistance work to the next session, as shown by color highlights. I need frequent practice more than I need to pump and bulk up. That being said...

Holy smokes, am I sore! My shoulders and triceps are just beat. My legs are a little stiff, not bad, and my knees are actually great. Two days later, I'm recovering okay and performing well. Let's hope that trend continues. Note that, with my shoulder fatigue, I did hit the rep limit on 20kg clean and press. The sets were 2, 3, 5, 2, 3, per hand. I'd have struggled beyond 5 straight at this pace not long ago.

Kettlebell Pentathlon

One day each week is devoted to a short-set version of WKC Pentathlon. I'm currently hitting the rep cap with 20kg or 16kg each lift. Even this half-pentathlon is not trivial for me, 25 minutes interval work at pace. This was a good idea, and it's a good intermission between squat and dead lift.

By the way, I created a multi-stage timer in KB Timer Pro (love it, iOS screenshots below) with 3:00 work, 2:30 rest, and the next lift's name previewed during the rest.  This is one of the few iOS apps I've actually bought, and I use it all the time.

Last 15sec of Cleans

Rest before Clean and Press

So that's what I'm up to. Some strength work, some speed work, some physical therapy. The knee is making progress faster than it did 4 years ago. That would be a happy bonus, if I managed to upgrade my knee a couple of levels.

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