Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kettlebell Sport schedules, and why I have a mid-season postseason

Kettlebell sport (or GS from the Russian "Girevoy" sport) doesn't have a predictable schedule like NFL football. Lifters at the higher ranks may tour and compete in several federations eight or ten times a year, with a short break before World's in the Autumn. Then there's the rest of us.

Given that different federations do not coordinate, there's no single published calendar for most of the iron sports. (How soccer and rugby pull this off is beyond me.) For example, there were three separate meets on Feb 09 under different organizations. The more primarily American organizations tend to schedule with social media sites first and a central calendar second. Some of the larger, older organizations in Europe don't use social media at all and may not even list the meets of national affiliates. These are just a few current resources for finding GS meets.
Most federations only allow men to use 16kg, 24kg, or 32kg kettlebells. Were I a little older or a lot younger, I could lift 16s, but I'm not ready to compete 24s. There's even a 24kg meet in 10 days in my home state, and I'm not going. The WKC uses every 4kg increment from 12kg through 48kg, providing brackets for intermediate lifters. Men lifting 16-20kg have precious few chances to compete and longer breaks mid-season. That's my situation today.

Go to meets, and cheer hard!
So, I mentioned before that this is my Stage 5.  That's a phrase I learned from John Wild Buckley's blog some time ago, derived from this list.
  1. Preseason
  2. Regular season
  3. Postseason
  4. Championship game
  5. Disneyland/offseason
I worked through illness and into some mild injury between these two meets, so I need some restorative time. Honestly, I could probably use six months off, but my next scheduled meets are August 18 in Atlanta, then World Championships in October. The last 4 days and 14,000 calories have been Stage 5. I'll be in Stage 1 until my back and knee don't hurt under 24s. Physical therapy first, then strength and speed for 4-6 weeks. Hopefully once I move up to 24s, I won't need so much preseason every year.

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