Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Post-Season and Pre-Season, part 1

I had a few 2013 training goals in mind when I entered the 2012 post-season: grow up to 70kg bodyweight, make rank in 24kg Long Cycle, and score some basic power lifting numbers. Sometime before the first meet on the calendar, post-season turns into pre-season. I flipped that switch quite by accident a couple weeks ago, so it's time to start talking about what to do instead of what got done.

I knew last September that I wasn't strong enough to train double 24kg Long Cycle. I had, at most, 3-5 reps in me. After 3 months of primarily power lifting, I scored 10/2:00 2x24kg LC after a barbell session, by far a personal best. I was only handling the heavy bells as assistance work, and it was working. Re-read that last part. It had worked for me where other training models had not.

When I read about the Feb 09 WKC West Coast KB Classic at the Ice Chamber in California, I turned the page and began Long Cycle training in earnest. I spent January training with the 20s, and completely lost the capacity to launch the 24s. My double 20 work was great, but I was weaker in every other major lift. The business trip that was going to put me in California got cancelled, so found myself back on my original 2013 calendar, minus 6 weeks of continuity and progress.

Beginners make such great progress when they start because they learn movement, skill, and neurological adaptation. Consistent, permanent progress takes longer than a few weeks to develop. In the long run, the very long run, I'd be better off taking a whole year to just build the muscle and athleticism I should have built in college. But, I didn't, and I can't bring myself to. So, here we are, taking an honest, critical review of training logs and coaching programs I've bought into over the years.  Stay tuned.

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