Friday, July 20, 2012

The gap between competitions

I never even posted a recap of the ATC Throwdown. I scored 42/8:40 before my hands gave out (video link). I weighed 65.4kg, a single pound over my usual weight class after 3wks of dieting and a night of cutting water. I tried 5rpm to make rank for 70kg, but the pace actually made me light-headed on the platform. I had never gone beyond 38/9:00 before. We were later informed that scores were normalized with a coefficient (not a formula I could justify mathematically like simple volume/bw), so there was one gold and everyone else got bronze. I scored exactly the rank number for 65kg, with no rank and no medal. The PR felt strangely hollow.

I've known that I had 7wks between the ATC Throwdown and the GA State Kettlebell Championships, but I was never exactly sure what to do with the time. I can do a Volume Cycle for maybe 4wks and a Peaking Cycle for 2-3wks before burning out. The math adds up exactly, but I was mentally drained enough to want a few days off, a short Stage 5, if you will. Honestly, mentally, I'm still there.

Week 1 - I took a week off. I ate, I relaxed.

Week 2 - On Saturday of week 1, I felt a disc move in my lumbar spine doing something seated on the floor. I knew exactly what it was. That's another week of mobility work and rehab and no lifting.

Week 3 - I remained upset that I came into the ATC meet 1lb heavy. A training partner of mine was looking into weight loss diets, so I committed to try a ketogenic diet that had taken some 75lb off a larger friend of mine. Nearly 2wks in at this time, I'm leaner and thinner, but no persistent loss. My carb profile has changed significantly. I'm training a lot of cardio to keep up endurance, and it's tough.

Also, life caught up with me. I've worked four night shifts in the last 10 days, and I have one left. My sleep is off, my back is unsettled, and my metabolism's in flux. I'm hoping I break the induction phase of this diet this weekend and drop 3-4lb by the meet.

Week 4 - ... will start in 3 days, and I am suddenly weeks behind schedule in this tiny imtermission. By this time, I should be deep in a 4-wk Volume Cycle at comp weight. I can't go into a meet lifting 2min sets. I do respond well to a weekly long-set session, so ready or not, I start Peaking Cycle in 10 days.  And I'm posting this from work at 01:30.