Friday, June 22, 2012

One-week countdown

On June 30, I'll be competing in double 20kg Long Cycle Clean & Jerk for the first time. My goals are a 10:00 buzzer and a WKC rank, either 42 or 49 reps depending on my bodyweight. The peaking cycle these last few weeks has been a study in fine-tuning, oddly beginning with a PR that I have not since bested.
  • 1 month ago = 30/5:00 at sheer exhaustion and missing reps
  • 2 weeks ago = 20/5:00 at fatigue with solid technique
  • 1 week ago = 24/5:00*, then 22/5:00, then 30/5:00 with double 16kg
  • 2 days ago = 23/5:00, then 22/5:00, alternating 5rpm and 4rpm
These marks were a mix of fasted, early morning and early evening after work, all with substantial warmups. The session marked with a "*" was actually interrupted when my camera fell over and I didn't have an independent count. The set of 16s was penance for stopping instead of following the clock to 10:00.

I've also experimented with an overnight water cut, with good results the next day. I have not been able to drop below 147lb the last month, despite a pretty clean diet. I cannot believe how hard it has been to find 4lbs to lose since my barbell program in the off-season. 143 is my competition weight, but it is not my walk-around weight. I have successfully cut 2.5lb overnight and replenished in a timed 1hr the next morning, then completed great scores. That changes my target weight, and gives me some science to play with.

At this time, I may barely have the numbers to rank at 65kg, let alone 70kg, and I accept that. My goals have to be different. Forgetting ranks and placement, what I need, what I have failed to do 3 of the 4 events I've competed publicly, is to make the buzzer. I've shown I can clean and rack for 10:00.  This is now about self-respect.

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