Saturday, June 23, 2012

New personal record, new weakest link

Anyone in an individual sport -- weight lifting, track and field, rock climbing -- understands the notion "what fails first". You can carry more weight, but you can't get it up from the ground. Running just 1mph faster changes your breathing and cuts your endurance. These sports are all about finishing strong instead of failing. I managed to push my 2x20kg kettlebell Long Cycle up an extra 8 reps and an extra 4 minutes today over my previous records, and I was stopped by a new weakest link.

Previously, I was struggling to breathe and recover between reps. Today I started using a side rack around minute 5, and it fixed my breathing problem. My elbow was squarely on my iliac crest (pelvis), totally legal, and I was breathing deeply. My launch was fine, my overhead was fine, but my grip started slipping during the cleans.

I figured it out near the end, but there was no recovering from this before the buzzer. In the side rack, the fingers on my top hand never got to truly rest. This was my first substantial set beyond 5:00. By 8:00, my left hand was slipping, enough to truly fear I would toss a bell. I made 9:00 with good reps and good wind in me, and I called it.

So I'm exactly 4reps/1:00 from the number I need to rank at 143lb bodyweight. I got down to 145.6 this morning, including a little water cut overnight. This snapshot is from immediately after today's session. Anyone is welcome to highlight areas where I'm 3 or 4 pounds heavy and send them to me.

(I know. The compression shorts make my thighs look fat.)

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