Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting Heavy and Long-winded

Yes, there has been a long-term plan.  I needed to be stronger while resting. I needed to be able to operate with far less than 100% effort. I needed better cardio. And, I needed to address some sport posture issues. e.g., my wrists would go numb in a 20kg rack. So then, this has been my calendar.
  • 04/13 - 2 x 20kg kettlebell Jerk, 30 reps in 5:00. Significant personal record at this new weight class. I stopped because I missed locking my elbows at the top twice and the heels of my hands were going numb. I was "done".
  • 04/21 - 2x20kg kettlebell Jerk, 40 reps in 6:40, on the platform in a meet. A huge PR.
  • 05/15 - 2 x 20kg kettlebell ("Long Cycle") Clean and Jerk, 30 reps in 5:00. Significant PR at this weight class, with no LC practice in a month.
  • 06/07 - 2x20kg kettlebell Long Cycle, 20 reps in 5:00. I stopped because I set a 5:00 time limit, not because I was exhausted or failing technically. I had deep breathing, good launches, solid lockout and fixation, and I had minutes more left in me.
From mid-April through May, I did two things. First, I gave up kettlebell "sport" work in favor of cleans and rack holds for timed sets. Second, I started an actual published barbell program, 3 sessions a week. I got stronger (+80lbs to my 3-lift total in a month), and the program itself kept me from screwing around. I also got a few pounds bigger, all muscle. I'm not sure what I'm going to cut to make weight.

In the month of June, I've focused on Long Cycle and running multiple days per week and 1 weekly barbell session. Each week tends to cycle in a wave from short sets to a long test. I have run and walked several days each week, and my conditioning is rapidly improving. All I need now is to cut 6 pounds.

I had a goal from the beginning of the year, to make WKC rank II (20kg) in Long Cycle. At my usual 45kg weight class, my rank number is 42 reps. If this slower pace is, indeed, sustainable, it adds up to 40 reps in 10min. I am, in theory, 2 reps from my goal, 3 weeks early.  Let's see how that test goes tomorrow.

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