Saturday, September 10, 2011

Training Log 09/04-09/10 (wk 1)

Took a four day rest.  Not completely burned, but slipping some. Adding barbell sessions at a new local gym during lunch hour, two days a week. Changing rotation a bit to give Saturdays back to my wife and home.

End of week max: DL 225, BSQ 195, FSQ 115, CL/SQ 105

09/04 Su weekend off
09/05 Mo 16kg short LC
Warmup joints, stick or band, jumps 
- LC:3'@9-10 x2, 30/3' 18/2', rest
J:3'@10-12, 20/2'  rest
CL:3'@10-12, 24/2'
Pullups/2x16kg MP: 3 x 5
10 dbl sq, probably wasted time but done cleanly

Notes: Overslept, dry throat. 3' sets were not working, but 2' sets were fine.  May have been late morning start, maybe fighting Dawn's strep, not sure.  Got 9' work in, overall good upper body day for lack of BBs.

PM BB session
Mobilize, Hindu pushups, bench jumps
5x2 DL: 4@135, 2@155, 2@180, 2@225 PR on video, light-headed!
Power Clean/FSQ practice: 1/5@65, 2/5@65
Back SQ: 10@95, 3@135, 3@155, 3@175, 1@195 PR
1@205 not parallel. Next time.

Notes: 17:45-18:40, not too sweaty. Lot of time consumed changing plates. Check for DOMS later, but this 2/day may be perfect for fitting in BB work.

09/07 We 16kg med LC
Warmup joints, stick or band, jumps
- LC:5'@7-9 x2
35/5' x2
Indoor Eagle (studio 30m walk/8 FSQ): 4 circuits

Notes: Skip the 16 long set day in this short week. Spent 10hrs on feet today after a 5am change window and this session. Still stiff through Thursday night.

09/09 Fr 20kg LC
5hrs sleep, barely
Warmup joints, stick or band, jumps
- LC:5-7' @4-6 x1 (commit to one long, slow set)
10/2', failed a launch.

Not "working" yet. For some reason, 20kg LC doesn't get smooth until after 2-3' of warmup.
20/3:45 away from clock
10/1:45 timed by breathing. Much better now.


Lunch BB session
HLR: 2 x 5
DL: 5@135, 3@185, 2@205
Pwr CL/FSQ: 3@65, 2@95, 2@105

Rack FSQ: 3@115 (arms not comfy)
- CL/FSQ 3x3@60-80%:
3@65, 3@85, 3 SQ @115 (folded arms)

Back SQ: 3@165

Notes: not too sore. BB FSQ challenged rack more than anything else. Cleaning to front of chest, not to top of clavicles. Only 19 reps SQ today, messy. Next time 1@65, 95, 115, 135. 3x5-8@50-80% daily max.

Think whether I want hi vol or "wiry strength" lo vol. 3x10 @50-80% seems wasteful. More recovery needed, higher body weight. Consider 2x5 SQ and DL above 80%. That volume's standard to WL and PL, but I'm not sure I want to waste reps at light weight and add mass for no reason.

20kg LC benefits from more frequent handling and from warmup. Suffers from shock around 2'. Pace by breath, not clock.

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