Saturday, September 10, 2011

Training Log 08/28/09/03

This is week 4 in a row and was to consist of a test and a back-off period. Joined month-to-month at a new gym to include barbell work. I should not find the 88lb "heavy" from week to week like I have been. Start handling 188 and 288 regularly.

8/28 Su 16kg short LC
Warmup joints, stick or band, jumps
- LC:2-3'@9-10 to 10'
25/2:30,1'r,23/2:30 chaos
21/2:30, r, 22/2:30 much better
Dumbbell DL (10@150# x3-4): 8,8,8
1/4 Dips: 10,10,15

Notes: Dumbbell DLs suck. Wobbly grip, feet not clear of the weights, awkwardness affects focus. 8-9rpm LC ok, 10 was chaotic. Need to work up to that. Last set, did not look at the clock, and it was smoother. Go by breath until I meet the clock. Hands parallel by instinct, maybe pronated will smooth out cleans. Good speed work.

Peeled one dry callus from palm, never stopped. Found it on the handle later. Like a boss.

8/30 Tu (7:20 dentist)
Did not sleep. Not safe for timed sets.

08/31 We 16kg med LC
Warmup joints, stick or band, jumps
- LC:5'@7-9 x2
35/5' x2

5SQ/40JSQ x3

Note: internally rotating hands on the backswing helped flip the bells into the rack. Much smoother. 1st dip with a little gulp and a partial exhale and a tight 'puff' made the bells bounce off my belly. 2nd set crisper than the 1st. 7's a good pace, long term.

09/01 Th 16kg long LC (new gym)
Warmup joints, stick or band, jumps
- LC:6-8'@6-8 x1
3'@6, handles really sticky, see notes
Hvy DL: 135x2, 155x3, 185x3, 200x5
HLR:  sets 5 xxxx
Med Squats: 100lbs 4 sets5, 120lbs 1x5
1/4 Dips: 3 sets 15

Notes: did many more things because the equipment was there. Probably good to include HLR, few pullups, and dips. KBs require a vertical, open, lucky insertion. Poor fit for me. DL and SQ could've been heavier, but not the point. 5RM was the point. Good session. Oly stance > sumo for me.

Sore. :-) saw it coming. NOW it's time to recover.

09/02 Fri maintenance
Mobilize, stretch
Inc OAP: 5 x
BW SQ: 10 xxxxx
Pistols: 5 x

09/03 Sa wknd off

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