Sunday, August 28, 2011

Training Log 08/27-08/28 LC at different weights

There is a common mantra that you train light to build strength and lift heavy to demonstrate strength. I'll have LC at different weights and set lengths starting this weekend, with a long 20kg set on Saturday and a number of short 16kg sets on Sunday. This Saturday didn't last all the way to the programmed "5-7'@4-6rpm" set, but I did get 7'@6rpm work done in 3 subsets. I barely jerk 16kg pairs at the 9-10rpm Coach requested of me for sustained sets, so this will be a whole new technique and conditioning experience for me. Right away, my cleans are too bumpy to transition smoothly and keep the pace up.

08/27 Sat long 20kg LC and squats
Warm up, band work, jumps
- 20kg LC
Goal: 5-7' @4-6rpm
Done: 3'@6rpm, 2'@6rpm, 2'@6rpm

Test Olympic Clean and squats with the EZ-Curl barbells on hand
5 @40lb, 5@60lb. These bars are not good, don't rack right at all.
10 @2x20kg

Stairs: 10' work

Notes: this LC is so much heavier than the 16kg LC I did 5' at a time earlier in the week. It wasn't unmanageable, but it was unfamiliar. I got tipped backward on my heels several times and clunked a few cleans into the rack so hard I had to reset to accomplish a jerk afterward. Lightweight practice will refine my speed, breathing, and technique, but it will not train the geometry of counterweighting the bells.

The 2x20kg squats felt surprisingly good. 10 reps well below parallel really surprised me. I may be prepared to start hi-vol squat training at this weight, which would be huge in support of this training.

08/28 Sun short 16kg LC and DL
Warm up, stick work, jumps
- 16kg LC @9-10rpm
25/2'30", 1'r, 23/2'30", chaotic, rest
21/2'30", rest, 22/2'30"
- total 91/10'

Dead lift 150lb: 8, 8, 8
1/4 Dips: 10, 10, 15

Notes: DB DLs suck. Wobbly grip, feet not clear of the weights, the awkwardness affects my focus and the qualit of every rep. 8-9rpm LC ok, but 10 was chaotic. Need to work up to that. Last set, did not look at the clock, and it was smoother. Going forward, pace by breath until I meet the speed. I backswing with the handles parallel by instinct, maybe pronating the hands to impart a little rotation at the top will smooth out cleans. Good speed work.

Peeled one dry callus from palm, never stopped. Found it on the handle later. Didn't even phase me. The new skin beneath did not blister.

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