Thursday, August 18, 2011

Training Log 08/14-08/19

19Started off with Sunday afternoon doubles strength work, on the roof and in the sun. Simple circuit, brisk pace, killer. Again on Wednesday morning, since I was already up from having been paged. Detecting a shift toward the LC, reflected in my choice of work and snatch quality.

8/14 Su 2x16kg Complexes
Knee mobility, stick drills
- all done 2x16kg
5 C&P
10 FSQ
5 Ren rows
- 5 circuits/15min
First 2 circuits consecutive, sets 4 and 5 on video

16kg SW: 20ea x2 sets (calluses)

Notes: Felt good.  I like this work, having this particular day in my routine. I'd like to think I'd start doing this with 20kg, but the whole point was doubles work for symmetry and I can't press 2x20kg. Pressing 2x16kg is still teaching me things. 50 reps squat is a good addition. Including bodyweight squats, full double-bell squats, overhead squats with sticks and light barbells, and jump squats/jerk bumps, I will squat thousands of reps this month. 50/daily bodyweight, 60-90/Tuesday jerks, 50/Sunday = 400-450/wk with great variety.  This is good.

8/16 Tu 2x20kg Jerk
Mobility, stick work, 5 bench jumps
- test number of sets, previous PR is 5 sets 8

Goal = J:2x20/6-8/1', 1'r x5-7
Done = 6888888 rushed last set, broke lockout

5SQ/30JSQ x3
30# OHSQ: 5 deep

Notes: Great session, like I never missed. Joint work, jumps, OHSQ doing a world of good. Get to 10' volume quickly, raise density gradually. 6rpm did me little good, too slow, too much rack time.

08/17 We 2x16kg short sets
Got paged, worked, did some sets of 5
Joints, stick work, slow DLs to warmup
5 CL, 5 FSQ, 5 alt MP
- 3 sets
Light stretch

Th 20 SW
TGU 1 rachet style, some elbow soreness
OAJ 2x5, L ankle turns during dip
SW:1'/1'r x3 ea, some broken up
Rack carry: 4' out of 5'

Notes: grip really challenged, some minutes of swings were 30",15",15". Borderline with the new skin. Rack carry needs work, caused numbness, may need chalk/belt. Work more on L ankle mob; L launch is rotating foot around.

Almost too many things. Feels random. Love TGU, but beginning to see them as a distraction. Shoulder is never quite vertical in TGU, better for acclimating to heavy support than a warmup for the jerk.  I'd warm up better with a windmill, which can play around at vertical and assume an OHSQ.

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