Saturday, August 13, 2011

My forehead and the wall

I planned a break at the beginning of August, which overlapped a trip to the family hometown and ended with a few days of fever and throat trouble. All told, maybe 12 days of joint work and light calisthenics, no weights. Did some pistol squats early in the break, felt good.

Then this happened, I resumed training a few days ago with get-ups, double presses, pullups, and some double KB swings, all fine. My second session back, I reintroduced the KB snatch, 1min sets with 1min rests, and I blistered both hands in short order. Keeping in mind that I did heavy-bell swings for for the whole month prior to the break, I expected to be conditioned for snatches.

Now I'll have to let my hands heal and rebuild. There are two competitions on the calendar in two months, and I can't snatch. With or without swings, apparently I have to train snatches constantly to maintain snatches, and therein lies a dilemma.

The snatch has always been uncomfortable for me. I have issues with an elbow and nerve impingement and calluses. My score creeps at a glacial pace. I have never had this sort of anatomical difficulty with the jerk or the long cycle, and the squat work in jerk training is good for my legs. The jerk is just "hard", but it's not "tricky" or "complicated". I love LC. I'd train entirely around competition LC, but I would lose snatches altogether.

At what point am I adding marginal cost to simply compete this event instead of that one, or to compete at all instead of just being healthy and having fun? That is the question. This week, I am officially beyond health and fun and training toward heavy-bell biathlon, and I'm not sure anymore if that's what I want.

08/06 Sat 16kg warmup work
TGU: 2 slow ratchet get-ups each side, 8'
5 2x16kg military press
5 30lb barbell overhead squats
a few pullups (5, 3, 3, 3, 5)
- 5 circuits

2x16kg swings, 10sw/10breaths x10sets
Stretch in the sun

Notes: Sore throat, watch my health. BW 146 with breakfast, still lean. 1 OHSQ set at 2x16kg, and it was too heavy. 30-40lb BB is just right for now.
8/7 Su: Thighs ruined from dbl sw. I knew better than 10x10. (grin) Foam roller, stick OHSQ, and menthol rub. Consider OHSQ and stick work as warmup for a while. I'd have much to gain from a good OHSQ.

08/08 Mo: Cont'd OHSQ with stick and shoulder dislocates. Sore throat spread to wife and a coworker. Not run-down, but not 100%. Consider down a bell this week and reset Sat or Sun. It's just 1wk.

08/09 Tu: Both of us have sore throats. Lost 3hrs sleep. Worked at home. Stretching, 20kg 5J and 5P and GSQ, stick work. Presses were solid.

08/10 We: Fever down, throat 50% better, hamstrings 3/4 better. Train Th morning. Keeping up shoulder dislocates and OHSQ, some Hindu pushups. Feel ok.
08/11 Th 16kg and 20kg SN sets
1-2 TGU, 5 OAJ, get my pulse up 

20kg SN:1-2'@16rpm/1'r x5-6 all L first, then R, 16kg when fatigued
1'SN @20kg,20kg,16kg, 20kg SW 20reps,20reps, stopped for blisters
10 20kg GSQ/5 40# OHSQ x2
5 bench jumps, stretch

Notes: chalked, probably shouldn't have. Blistered bad. Hate snatches, and chalk. Love squats. OHSQ 30-40# for a while with bench jumps. When ready, train SW to rebuild SN.

Note to self: I need a heavy low pull to support the clean of "clean and jerk". If I have this much trouble adapting to 20kg snatch, I will seriously consider training Long Cycle with swings and barbell work for support.
08/13 Sa 16kg Jerk
Mobility, stick work and OHSQ, Jumps

Goal = 9-10/1', 1'r x5-6 sets
Done = 12,12,12,12,12,15. Focused on fixation. Actually got better 4 sets in.

5FSQ/30bumps: 1
10’ Stairs total volume: finished 4 laps/5:30.

Notes: Stairs ended with serious systemic fatigue, muscles twitching, grip and back tired. Jerks felt fine; carries were rough. Quick and constant work today, but worn out a little earlier than if I'd been healthy. Wife had 102 fever from this last night.

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