Thursday, July 7, 2011

Training Log - program change to 20-24kg strength work

Long Cycle has always fit me well, in the sense that the movement grooves well with little practice and does not provoke soreness. I wanted to get my LC rank III (16kg) so as not to fall behind my Biathlon ranking, but I did not specify a number of weeks or 10' straight.  I ranked this week, and I'm moving on to heavier weight.  This is a block of 24kg and double 20kg drills to build my strength up.  May (need to) put on mass (to progress), so eating freely and tracking BW. Adding squat work almost every day to build up to the heavier jerks. Get-ups feel really good right now.

07/02 Sat 2x16kg LC
Warmup, mobilize. Video.
BW: 141.5
LC: 44/6'
added 12/2' x2 to finish at 10' total
Stretch out.

Notes: slept in, trained 14hr fasted. Petered out at the last rep, probably due to being fasted the extra few hours, but the set was solid. That video's been sent in to WKC. This was what I wanted to do, plain and simple.

standing holds
2x16kg 5'
2x20kg 2', 2', 2'

07/03 Sun stretching and sunshine
Sun salutes: 2 sets 5 ea
Face-the-wall Squats: 2 sets 10
24kg TGU: 5 ea/10'
24kg 2-handed hardstyle Swings: 5 sets 20
Stretch and sun

Notes: how great will my overhead be when I can do 5 TGU each side without unloading the bell? This felt good. Excited about this month. And the heavy HS swings were a good addition. Go ahead and make the change.

07/05 Tue Double 20kg Complexes
Mobilize and windmills as needed. Be mobile and safe.

5CL,3-5jerk/PP:  x3 (5,5,5)
5SQ,20FSQ: x3
Stairs: 2laps/5'
Stretch 15', felt good

Notes: 143.0lbs. Shoulder fatigue on stairs. Jerk launch was weak. Add bench jumps, patience.  This will come together.  Good first session.

07/06 Wed maintenance
Before every meal, 10 Hindu pushups x2, 10 close squats, 10 full squats done explosively. 
Started when I rolled out of bed, and had a protein meal immediately after.  I like this pre-meal routine a lot.  Not stressful, not heavy or resource-intensive.

07/07 Thu Single Heavy Work
24kg TGU: 6', 4ea

- Circuit
3 Pullups, HLR

5 Goblet SQ
- 4 circuits

24kg Pulls:
OALC: 5ea, for practice

SW: 3'@20 2H hardstyle, 3'@10ea sport style
Stretch thoroughly

Notes: BW 142.5 with 1pt Gatorade in me. A little sore later. 24 is definitely heavy for me. Hardstyle swings are a surprising challenge at this weight and this long out of practice.

Get-ups were more squared and solid after I became aware of my left shoulder external rotation and ducking around beneath the bell.  Much better now.  Moving very well.  Keep these up.

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