Friday, July 29, 2011

Training Log 07/23-following, time for a break

Did a 20kg biathlon sets test, which went okay but strained my back again. Two straight weekends. It turns out I've been almost 4 full months without a rest week.

07/23 20kg Biathlon sets
feeling skippy, testing actual biathlon sets instead of 5-8
Mobility, 5' bike warmup
J:20kg/2' sets
16, 16 video, 11/90" failed lockout
SN: 1'ea sets
17 video, 15
5SQ, 30bump x2 sets
Stretch deep in the sun.

Notes: Belt and full chalk today, felt interesting. Not a hindrance at all, though the belt did pinch a little belly against my elbow. Left lower back felt sore again like last weekend, something in my swing/snatch motion.

07/24 Monday issues
Worked on left gluteus medius and opening the hip all day Monday to break the pain. I think I'm done.

Rest of this week and the next are cancelled.

I have logged 3-5 sessions per week with no more than 3-4 days off since 03/31. No wonder I have lower back fatigue. Have been working out as a mental escape and preoccupation, to bored and restless on off days to actually take them off.

First, I need to revisit some internal priorities and clear my head. Do not do this again.

Second, I'm amazed I made 16wks straight. Revisit my 3-wk cycle design as 4- or 5-wk blocks. I clearly do have more capacity than 3 wks.

Recovery through August 05:
Joint mobility drills: wide knee circles, T-spine ribbons, shoulder girdle circles, elbow circles
Band and ball work as needed
- multiple times daily
10 Hindu pushups
10 BW close squats
10 Hindu pushups
10 full squats and hip stretches
Hang stretches and cat/cow stretches as available

No full-tension pullups, pistols, etc until at least the weekend. That should be 6 days rest and a week of light recovery. I need this. The open-chain wide knee circles are doing good things for my left hip and my right VMO. Squat's much deeper with natural spine curve and toes forward.

Consider restarting with 16kg biathlon short sets, then evaluating whether to do another 3wks strength work or 20kg biathlon. Probably the "Volume Template" in notes. Need to be doing 20kg volume by 08/31 to make the meet season.

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