Thursday, July 21, 2011

Training Log 07/16-07/22 Strength block 3

Dropping hanging leg raises.  Hip flexors are tense already and need to be open for dead lifts and swings. Rely on tension support for ab work.

Wknd Single Heavy Work
Mobility, BW warmup
24kg TGU: 10'

5 Pull-ups, 1 HLR: 3 sets
DL 3x150,170,170

Low SW: 15ea/2' (7, 210 total)

Notes: 142.0 pre-hydrated. Interesting I haven't put on weight yet. This was a good mix overall. Some of the DLs weren't right. Did not sleep: work, epic neighborhood fail. Lower back sore beyond 24hrs. Band work on hips relieved it.

Tue Double 20kg Complexes
Mobility, 5' low bike 

8CL,8J: 8888,8LC
5SQ,20bump: x3 

Stairs: 2 laps of 65 up-down/7'. Plenty of other work done.

Notes: AC out. Scale broken. Lockout tired after 4 sets. HOT. No air.  Lifting and eating are spot-on, but not sleeping enough. Salvaging rest after RFCs, up late with glowing rectangles. Need to change nighttime routine.

Thu Single Heavy Work
Mobility, BW warmup
24kg TGU: 4ea/8'

3-5 Pull-ups: 4,4,4
110lb BB DL: 8,10,10

Low SW: 15/15/2' x5
BW cool down.

Notes: SW until skin started moving. DL felt great this time. TGU felt tough, but better. Much better.

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