Friday, July 15, 2011

Training Log 07/09-07/15 Building Strength Again

Week 2 of a "strength block" of training, prepping to move up to 20kg Biathlon in the Fall. I read a few articles lately on specificity of training.  Faleev on power lifting: just the 3 lifts, unless you are correcting a hazardous dysfunction. Vasiliev and others on GPP for GS: use running, BB lifting, and other sports outside competition season to build GPP. 60-70% of session time spent on warm-up and cool-down. Interesting. Specialized training is demanding stuff.

This "20min to a fitter you" philosophy is a marketing gimmick. Even doing the most basic RKC beginner's workout, I needed to warm up first, and I got sore if I didn't stretch thoroughly at least 1-2 times a week. 20 minutes can help general fitness. It cannot maintain a high-level enthusiast or a competitive athlete, not 20 minutes all-inclusive. 20 minutes of actual resistance training, plus maintenance, that can work.

I'm finding my knees pop in acute angles, and hundreds of weekly squats have not fixed that. The video of my squats sounds like leather stretching, but that's just the cracking and popping with bad acoustics. I'm strong, and I'm mobile, and I'm a coin-toss every morning. Granted, the doc did say I had stretched or "partially torn" my MCL, and I'm missing part of my VMO. Let's try warmup on a recumbent stationary bike with the seat low enough for acute flexion. 

I also need to start prepping my snatch technique again.  Add some dead lift volume for strength instead of HS swings.  Add GS style "low swings" for grip endurance and maintaining arm-trunk contact in the backswing. Pulling from the shoulder's a bad habit for me. Use the right tool for the job.

There's this little grouping I'm doing as warmup and before the majority of meals: knee circles, shoulder girdle (upper T-spine) circles, 10 Hindu pushups, 10 close squats, 10 Hindu pushups, 10 full squats.  I'm doing it almost so often that it's not worth documenting, so I'll call it "4 tens" in warmup. I may actually be working out the rotation in my left shoulder. 60 Hindu pushups a day (for someone who never does pushups) will do that.

07/09 Double 20kg Complexes
Warmup: 4 tens, 5' low bike

5CL,5J,  2-5s hold: 6 sets, #5 on video
5SQ,20bumps: 3 sets

planned 4, winded

4 tens and stretch

Notes: BW 141.5. 16oz Gatorade before, sloshed in belly during jerks. Did discrete bumps instead of JSQ, treating each as a jerk rep. Knee responding well to warmup and maintenance work. Did extra skill work, less drill work, felt "cardio" was already accomplished. No work wasted for its own sake.

Tue Single Heavy Work
4 tens, 5' low bike

24kg TGU: 2ea/5'

3-5 Pull-ups, HLR: 4,3,3
DL: 3ea 160lb, 140lb, 120lb
- 3 circuits
Low SW: 10/10 x10

planned 4-5

Notes: turning into grip and back day, okay. Complements jerk and squat day. BW 143.0 pre-hydrated. There's no productive reason to do DL in drop sets in this routine.

Thu 20kg Double Complexes
4 tens, 5' low bike

8CL, 8J 5"OH:  x5 (88855)
5SQ,20bumps: x3
Stairs: 3 laps/9' with some rests

Notes: First full set of stairs with 2x20kg.  No shame in catching my breath. Started losing the lockout in jerk at set 3.  Traced it back to a weak launch, of course, pressing out at the top. Changing to a shoulder-width stance in set 4 benefited my undersquat and didn't cost much in my launch. If I can train this, intentionally, it will benefit my LC and not let my joints inhibit my 2nd dip.

Ordinarily, the jerk suffers from a wider stance because of the change in the angle of force. You don't see a lot of short guys doing LC because of the spread. This new to the weight class, I'm completing 8 CL and 8 J in 2'. Not bad.  Stay here until 5 sets 8 is strong.

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