Friday, July 1, 2011

Training Log 06/25-07/01 LC wk 2

Week 2 of focused Long Cycle training. I gave myself up to 6wks to make my rank numbers in LC (42 reps), then ranked in 2wks.  For some odd reason, LC doesn't make me sore, so my perception of recovery and progress is different.  I need to transition up a weight class and reserve 16kg for conditioning work.

06/25 24kg OALC
BW 141.5, not even trying. Last-min upgrade 20-24kg. We'll see.

Warmup, mobilize, TGUs xx
CP: 1 3-rung push presses :-p
OALC: 1'ea, 1'r x4-5
7,6,6,8,9 (total 36ea/10')
Cycling: L9 4.1/15' 145HR 120cal

Notes: over-rotated a couple with the new weight, all early. Grip fatigued, not hips. Presses are a waste at this weight; do get-ups here and 2x16kg Dbl MP later.

06/26 Sun 2x16kg LC (opt)
>> lost sleep, knee sore, worked overnight and afternoon. 5pm short session
Warmup, mobilize
LCCP/Pullups: 1 x3r
LC: 1'@10rpm,1'r x5-6
10, 10, 10, 10, 20/2'
stairs, cycling (skipped)

5' walk, stretch lightly

Notes: dbl cp and pullups were easy. Don't have 30 of them, but short sets were easy. LC pace was aggressive, but reasonable. Jerk has gotten easy, springy, even with the wider stance. My second dip is clearer on video now than a few weeks ago.

06/28 Tue 2x16kg LC plus drills
Warmup, mobilize
LCCP/Pullups: 1 x3r 

LC: 3',1'r x3-4
18/3', 1'r x4
Stairs: 3laps/5'30"

Notes: banged a finger during warmups; manned it out. Last 1' was real shaky. 6rpm is a LOT of rack time; 7-8rpm may feel better as soon as it's sustainable.

06/29 Wed mobility work
Arm bars, get-ups, halos, GSQ.
Midday pistols: alternating singles, 8 or 10 each with short rests. Rock bottom, good form.

06/30 Thu 2x16kg LC
Paged on-call, slept in, single 6' set instead of multiple sets.  Let's see what this can do.

6' timer: 8,8,8,8,6,8 (46), big PR!
BW 142.5, rank III with spares
2x16kg 5SQ+20JSQ x3

Stretch well

Notes: Skipped cycling and stairs in favor of squat/jump squat complexes.  This was short, intense, and focused.  Felt good.  If not for the 6' timer, I could have actually done 50-plus.

Question: Will I reach a point of diminishing returns gained by extending LC instead of moving up to 20kg biathlon? I need to move up more than I need to sit on LC just because I find it fun.  Get a rank video, get a 10' limit test, and move on.

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