Thursday, June 23, 2011

Training Log 06/19-06/24 (Long Cycle wk1)

I'm starting a block of Long Cycle (Clean and Jerk) training. My long-term goal is to maintain competency in both the Biathlon and the Long Cycle, so there will be milestones along the way to keep their ranks equal. After the 16kg bell, rank tests must be performed at competitions, which are not that common here.

The major competitions are at least slightly "seasonal", with LC in the Spring and Biathlon in the Fall. I may be able to make 20kg Biathlon for Southeast Regionals in November and 20kg LC at the GA State meet next June. I may find cause to travel for this...

06/21 Tue Pullups and 2x16kg LC
Warmup, mobilize.
LCCP and Pullups: 2 x1-2-3 in supersets
LC: 2',1'r x4
14,12,12,12 (call it 6rpm)
Cycling: L9 2.7/10' 135HR 75cal

Notes: good start. 6rpm, good volume. Triceps really sore. Knee felt fine.

06/22 Wed

Not a training day, but got asked about wreck 'n rehab. Did around 10 pistols each.

06/23 Thu 2x16kg LC
Warmup, mobilize, halos, single OH SQ
TGU: 2
LC: 12/2' x5, 1'r
13,12,12,12,17 (7,10) = 66/10' total

Stairs: 3laps/under 6'

Notes: felt good. A little stiff later, but not bad. Plenty of grip fatigue work, including stairs. I like this. Single overhead squat felt surprisingly good. Add some double OH SQ by the end of next week, and add some JSQ sets back into the mix. Not as critical for this slow pace as it was for the jerk, but good squat work will certainly help.

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