Monday, June 20, 2011

Training Log 06/11-06/17 State Champs Week

Light training this week, resting for GA State meet on Saturday.

06/11 Sat Assistance work
Warm up, mobilize, stretch, jumps
16kg OALC: 2 sets 5 for warmup
Jerk, 10" OH hold: 3 sets 5
SW: 1'ea, 1'rest, 2 sets
2x16kg stair carries, 3 floors: 4 laps/8'

Notes: 143.5lbs, dressed.  Good session, not exhausted.  Good OH work.
PM 2x16kg Static holds: 4', 1'rest, 4'

06/12 Sun Biathlon
Warm up, mobilize, band stretch, jumps
Scratched plan to do multiple short sets in favor of short rank test
J: 12,12,12,9,5/4'30" (48 and 2 spares)
SN: 20,20,5 ea/4'40" (45)
2x16kg stair carries, 3 floors: 4 laps/7'30"

Notes:  142.0lbs. Just did not feel like 2' sets today.  J: 3'@12 was a very significant milestone for conditioning and sprint capacity.  Maybe try a comfortable 4-5' on Tuesday, 40 each lift.

P.S. Calves are no longer sore from stair carries.  This rank set and stair carry was in VFFs.  Stretching out well.  This addition may have peaked at an ideal time.

06/14 Tue
skipped morning for poor sleep, after work...
OAJ/GSQ: 2x5
TGU: 3 plus 1 ratchet
OAJ: 10, 16/1' ea
SW: 50ea non-stop
Cycling: L9 4.2mi/15', 130HR 125cal
Stretch lightly

06/15 Wed pm
8' static hold at arms' length, 2x16kg.  Stretching.

Notes: when this hits 10', move up to 20kg.

06/16 Thu mobility
BW 141.0
Lunch: mobilize and warmup
Superset pullups/pistols: 4, 3, 3
18 floor round-trip stair walk
Evening stretch

06/17 Fri light work
Warmup, stretch, light session
Cycling: 4.25mi/15', 120HR, 115cal
Few jerks, few OAJ, few SN
Some half-Get Up work with spine mobilization
Stretch out

Feels good.

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