Thursday, June 2, 2011

Training 05/28-06-03

Dialing back from 5/wk to 4/wk.  This weekend was uncertain going in, but long-term something like this.
Sa Jerk sets and squats
Su Snatch/swing sets and cycling, OR Biathlon closer to competition
Tu Biathlon for a timed set
Th Biathlon for a rep number
Remembering that I peeled calluses off left hand last week, I'm willing to switch snatches to swings if needed.  I wish I could snatch consecutive days.  I wish I had another month to do 1-arm heavy support work, but it's time to scale that back and do the show.  Here we go.

05/28 Sat
BW 144.5
DL 5x110,130,160
Parallel pistols: 5,5,5 alt
Cycling: 5.8mi/20', HR135, 160cal, 2' end sprint: 125rpm, HR 150.
Stretch well

Notes: first pistols since 05/09, felt good. DL felt good. "Rest" day, right? De-loading at least.

05/29 oh, well.  Other plans did not materialize.
Mobilize and warm up
J: 2x3', 1'30" rest
SN: 2x2-3', watch skin
2'ea@15, peeled other hand. 40sw ea and done.

Notes: peeled other hand during snatches. Did not hurt, came off in a lump on the handle. Actually flicked it and finished the set. Like a boss.  6rpm jerk actually felt almost uncomfortably slow.  Breathing never got into a rhythm.  That's kind of good.

05/30 Memorial Day
Warm up
Pullups: 6,6,6
110#DL: 10,10,10
Cycling: 5.5/20', 135HR, 155cal
Stretching and yoga on roof

Notes: BW 143.5. Pizza Hut made me poop into a lower weight class. Who knew?  Good pullups.  DLs felt great.  Good basic Exercise Day.  I wish I could fit this in more often.

05/31 Tue Biathlon
Mobilize, warm up
Goal 5'/5', 40 ea optimistic
J: 5'
8rpm, 40/5'
5' rest
SN: 5' split
15,14,6/15,14,6 (34,34/5')

Notes: mashed middle finger cleaning up gym.  Big bruise over the first knuckle. Affected overlap grip, but worked around it and finished the time.  Not a bad snatch total for being a little out of practice.

06/02 Thu Bi
Mobilize, warm up
Goal 50/45
J: 50/6'-plus w/o clock.
 - 10' walking and mobility work
SN: 42/6'-plus w/o clock.  Shoot.
Stretch well

Notes: BW 143.5, and apparently stable!  For reference, my WL shoes are 2.5lb.

Jerks felt good.  I had a couple more.  I was resting fairly well in a left-side slouch.  I was very tired at the end, but I was not at failure.  I've not done jerks to failure in weeks; I have no idea where my actual limit is.  My rightward lean seems to be from residual tension in the left glute and hamstring.  Right hip flexor stretches can practically dislocate, so it's not the flexors.  After a set of hip openers last night, just standing up straight was visibly rotated to the right.  May work on SLDLs and some pistol/lunge progressions.

Snatches have not been 100% in a while.  Left arm has a persistent ulnar groove tightness, like there's a tendon or nerve slightly inflamed.  I got to 42 legit, plus one obvious no-count.  Grip just died; my hand was this weird claw that wouldn't close anymore.  I was so stressed that my right hand was sweaty before it ever started.  My record is 45, so this is more recovery than progress.  May do a third biathlon day on weekends and actually take the full 30' with light cycling.

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