Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bonus Round!

I got last-minute notice of an Indian Club training session this afternoon and bailed work early to get there.  Thanks to Scott Shetler for hosting at Extreme Fitness, and thanks to Dr. Ed Thomas for leading a tiny group of us in this surprising, challenging skill.  It's just a circle.  When did circles get so hard?

I also hung around to video a rank IV (12kg) attempt in Long Cycle.  I don't practice a lot of LC.  Most competitors focus on biathlon the majority of the year and prep for LC competitions the last couple months before a meet.  I'm a biathlon competitor, but I just love what LC represents as an exercise.  The heavy swing, the rack, the jerk, the slower pace and slower accumulation of points. LC's always appealed to me.  And LC video thumbnails just ROCK. 

I didn't want to get more than one or two biathlon ranks and have to start over from scratch at LC, so I planned to "throw together" a LC rank attempt whenever my jerk was good enough. Started shaky, got progressively smoother.  That lighter weight never really "pinned" me into the rack or forced me to counterbalance the swing.  By rep 40 or so, I was keeping time at four breaths for well over 7 minutes.  This is remarkably focused and cathartic for me, especially at a lighter weight like this.  If I hadn't trained twice already, I could have done this all day.

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