Sunday, May 22, 2011

Training Log 05/14-05/20

Starting the week with a sensitive right knee.  Aware of this since a mild patellar strain last Monday (seems to be vastus medialis obliquus).  It's getting better, but it's regulating my jerks, deep squats, and stretching.

05/14 2x16kg Jerk, Squats
- Drive. Relax. Breathe.
shoulders, hips, jumps 2 x5
OAJ: 10-15ea for breathing

- J: 2x16/40 or 4' x2 sets
35 vid, no clock. Do 40 or 5' next.
40/4'30", cheated some 2nd dips

5FSQ 20JSQ: 2
15 Step ups and dips: 2
Stretch back, arms, easy on legs

Notes: triceps and shoulders were tired after. Video shows a SLOW lockout during even the first set, evidence of a sloppy leg drive. Knee was weak but not in pain. I was still tentative with it and cheated a LOT of the second dips. Nothing but massage and ice until Tuesday. Breathing was "off", a little hasty. Never sustained a groove like last week, but I did drift in and out of grooves and keep going for two significant sets.

05/15 16kg Snatch, Cycling
shoulders, hips
- Stack.  Relax.  Breathe.

SN: 16kg/  /4-5' x2-3
30+30/4', 30+30/4', 20+20 untimed

Cycling: 5.25mi/20', HR 125, 150cal
Stretch well, careful with legs

Notes: L elbow sore, feels like ulnar nerve tension.  I even stretched between sets.  HR was unusually low for a snatch/cycling session.  I hope I can attribute that to spectacular conditioning.  Finding that the hip opener stretch puts tension on R knee and causes shooting pain around VMO.  Susceptible to stretch in internal or external rotation or deep flexion.  Be careful with this.  This is wk 3, but close enough to the meet to warrant a rest either right now or at weekend.

05/17 16 Biathlon
shoulders, hips, jumps 2 x5
- Plan for practice sets, not PR numbers.

J: 10,9,9,8/4'
Stopped early and safe.  On video.


Bell had something on the handle.  Grip was irritated.

Notes: Good practice anyway.  Sustained 9rpm in Jerk.  Snatches were hasty and lacked rhythm, so stopped well short of failure.  Knee was okay.

From video:  lean back more from snatches.  Get forearm on torso.  Legs are not vertical in jerks.  Stacking and 2nd dip were irregular.

05/18 2x16 Jerk, Squats
- Drive. Quads. Breathe.
shoulders, hips, jumps 2 x5

J: 2x16/4-breath test, 2-3'
40/4', 3'r, 24/2', 3'r, 12/1'

5FSQ 20JSQ: 2 sets
Stretch legs and back

Notes: Good drive today.  12rpm is a bear, but 8-10 is manageable and available to me now.  This went well.  A few reps (no video) absolutely shot up in the air and I moved underneath.  My usual motion pulls back overhead at the top.  Those few unusual reps were the easiest I've ever done.


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