Friday, May 13, 2011

Training Log 05/07-05/13, Rank IV Test

Basics over the weekend, testing rank IV (12kg) on Monday.

05/07 16kg Snatch, Cycling
sh ext rot, hips, Windmill

- SN: 16kg/16-18rpm/1-2' alt  hands
2' ea @16 x3, 2'/1'30"@18
= 128
10ea 2breath: xx
20ea 2breath: x
- Total = 128,10,10,20 = 168ea

Cycling 5.75 mi/20', HR 140, 160 cal

Felt good.  Did some at pace, some slower with extra breaths in the rhythm.  The timing practice was good.

05/08 2x16kg Jerk, Squats
- rank test Monday, lighten up
- Big leg drive. Quads relaxed.
sh rot, hips, jumps 2 x5

J 2-3 sets: 24/3',26/3',24/3'

Stretch legs and back

Felt good.  9' total volume at pace.  I need more days like this.  Soon I'll start reducing assistance work and adding volume sets like this.

05/09 rank IV test @5:30

12kg, 55J, 52SN @65kg BW
Jerk Video 
Snatch Video

Tested at 65kg.  I wanted to present 70kg numbers, mostly to show myself that I could, and to pad a couple extra reps in case the reviewer finds fault.  Coach says these looked good.  I had more in the tank, lots more.  I could probably go 10' at pace with that weight.  Vids currently not on my own channel and not searchable; hence, the links.

05/11 2x16 Jerk
shoulders, jumps, half get-ups, watch the right knee
- "Practice" by 4-5 breaths, video, 35+ goal, no clock.  Find sustainable rhythm.

J: 2x16kg/48/5'35"  <-- Big PR

16kg Jump Squats: 30, 20
Stretch well

PR on time and reps, actually 1rpm faster than usual.  65kg rank number at BW 144lb afterward, hydrated, wet t-shirt.  I quit while okay, but my lockout was fading fast.  Will work 75% for now and re-test in 2wks for 53/50.  I think I can.

05/12 20kg Snatch and Deadlift
shoulders, half get-ups, watch the right knee
- Keep the arc close, in the top triangle between the legs.  Stack and rest.  Technique work.

SN: 1'ea @15rpm, 2'r x3sets

DL: 5x140lb, 10x140lb
Stretch well

Iffy.  Right snatch was directly overhead, but the left snatch was wide.  Could not do the alternating sets non-stop.  Felt like a shoulder pull instead of a hip drive.  Revisit this later.  Heavy swings + comp snatches instead of heavy snatches.  Too close to State.


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