Thursday, May 5, 2011

Training Log 05/03-05/06

Fresh off a 4-day rest.  Not shooting for PR, but for a clean 38-40 reps in 5'30" or more.  40J/43SN is my standing PR, both in around 5'.

Goals: stack the joints.  Relax the quads and shoulders between reps.  Do not rush snatches; start at 12 if necessary.

05/03 20kg Snatch and Deadlift
shoulders, hips, TGU
SN: 10 at top of the minute, alternating hands

DL: 5x130lb, 5x150lb
10 20kg Goblet Squats

Stacked well, 10/40-45".  Ready to try 20kg/10-12/1' without setting the bell down.

05/04 2x16kg Jerk and Squats
shoulder, hips, jumps 2x5
- J: 2x16/  /4' x2-3, Big leg drive.  Relax quads in the rack.
32/4', 3'r, 20/2', 3'r, 20/2'
15 BW dips x2
5FSQ + 35JSQ x2
Stretch legs and back

Stacking felt good.  Experimented with 10rpm.  I can "do" that, but it catches up with me.  I don't feel all the joint discomfort, but I'm totally out of wind.  Interesting angle for density training.

05/05 16kg Biathlon, 1 set each
shoulders, hips, warm up
- stack 'n relax. Shoot for 40 each.
J: goal 2x16/  /5-6'
(9,8,8,8)/4', stop.  Launch never felt "right", didn't push it.
SN: goal 16/  /5'30"
(45+45)/6', significant PR

The launch of my jerk never felt right.  My 1st dip seemed to drop away from my elbows, so it was jarring and jiggly.  At least I didn't fail out in 2min.  I stopped when the fatigue impacted my form.

Snatch felt good.  Stacked well, breathed twice.  Left hand went almost to complete failure on grip alone, not shoulder or wrist pain.  Made my 3min.  Technically, I was resting okay at the top and might have gotten a few more.  Right hand had 3-5 more left in the grip, but there was no point.  Interesting, the back of my right hand got sticky and began snagging under the handle.  Got wrenched a couple times.  Look into chalk, powder, whatever.


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