Monday, May 2, 2011

Recovery Work 04/30-05/01

Every four weeks I take a back-off period from heavy KB work.  Skipping the two weekend sessions buys me four days off.  Cycling, yoga and other restorative mobility work, and plenty of sunshine.

04/30 Recovery work
Cycling: 5.5mi/20', HR 140
Stretching, ankle work with rubber ball
Yoga by the pool
Pistols: 15 singles each leg, alternating sides, rock-bottom.  PR
6' of hip openers

Cycling with a partner, felt great.  Right hip finally opened.  Pistols got really droopy around 6.  Stopped to activate glutes and rehearse the squat position a couple times, resumed.  Felt progressively better from 8 to 12.  Stopped at 15 due to fatigue, not failure.  This was a clear-cut example of training strength until freshness and form first began to diminish.

05/01 Recovery work
- worked overnight, so not well rested
3 short sets Pullups: 5,5,3
15' Cycling: 5mi/18', 136cal, HR 145
Stretching, ankle and hip work
Yoga outdoors

Sitting overnight left me sore.  Glutes and hips hurt all day.  Rigorous work to loosen them up during the evening, much better Monday morning.


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