Thursday, April 28, 2011

Training Log 04/23-04/28

Spread out the assistance work, schedule an optional 5th session, and build some strength with one-armed heavier work.  Hopefully the sessions will be shorter and more focused, and I can redeem the time with preparation and recovery.  Ended with PRs of 40/5' Jerk and 43/5' Snatch.

04/23 24kg OAJ, SW
sh ext rot, hips, TGU x
OAJ ea: 5, 5, 5LC, 5, 10    (total 30+30)
SW 10-15ea: 15,10,10,10,10    (total 110+110)

LC actually felt good, shoulder-wide stance.  This was simple and to the point, and I liked it.  Started with a "5x5 strength program" idea, and the load was just right.  Get-up was heavy and in a confined space, so it presented a real sense of exertion and challenge.

04/24 16-20kg Snatch, Cycling
sh ext rot, hips, TGU
SN: 20/9ea/1'

16/32ea/4' x2 sets
6rpm, OH holds, alternating 1': 3sets ea.
Cycling 5.3mi/20' HR 130


Snatch sets felt good. Changing to 6rpm let me explore resting at the top. Fairly tired, still stayed up another minute and another 6 reps.  PR is still 42+40/5'20" from last Thursday biathlon session.  Shoot for 6' this week, even if lower rep count.

04/25 maintenance
Lunch hour:
stretch, 10 jerk jumps, 20 seated dips, 4 close-grip pullups, 15 Peterson step-ups
 x 2 circuits

04/26 20kg SN and Deadlifts
sh ext rot, hip distraction stretches, squats
SN: 10, top of the minute, alternating hands

8'@10rpm changing hands, 14+15/2' finisher
DL 5x130#
DL 5x150#

Felt good.  The AC was out, so hands were humid and soft and clearly the weak link.  Chalk made it worse.  Fingers a little sore, but did remarkably well overall.  2' finisher was rewarding.

04/27 2x16kg Jerk and Squats
shoulder rotation stretches, hip stretches, TGU
- Big leg drive.  Pause until quads relax, even if pace is slow.
J: 2x16/24/3' + 2'rest x3 sets
 -- (tried 10rpm in the last set.  Got as far as 10,6,8, but I tried.)
5FSQ+30JSQ x2sets
Stretch legs and back

TONS of little adjustments, gleaned from different trainers and therapists.  Eyes, "false grip", drop, shoulder stretches, relaxed quads, could be an article in itself.  This was a GOOD jerk session for me, better than the raw numbers indicate.  I should write this up.

I need 10rpm so bad.  I might actually be able to do 7' @8rpm, but it's not competitive.  At current pace -- 15rpm snatch and 8rpm jerk -- I'm looking at 7' each to make rank.  5' @10rpm would be a relief.

04/28 16kg biathlon, 1 set each
shldr rotation, hip stretches, TGU
- explore stacking for rest, even with low score.  Relax quads between reps.
J: 2x16/40/5'
-- Straight 8rpm.  Actually stopped with gas in the tank.
10' active recovery
SN: 16/43+44/5'
-- Started 19rpm, catch-up from there.  Never stacked and rested right at all.

My mistake.  Started snatches too fast, and never stacked up right.  Forearms pumped, lactate caught up with me.  Still a PR in both lifts, though not quite optimized.  Really sore afterward.

begin 4wk back-off period, off 'til next Tuesday.

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