Thursday, April 21, 2011

Training Log 04/16-04/22

Met with Coach on Tuesday.  Finding benefit in heavy work.  Need to build up leg drive, especially on the right.  Time to gut it out, endure the pain.  "Welcome to the sport; do 5 minutes from now on."  Have some video, but it's boring.

04/16 Saturday 16kg Snatches
warmup, TGU, halos, OAJ
- 16kg SN, indoors, some chalked
Planned 4'@15rpm, 1' rest, repeat.  Did not get far.
18,12+18,12/3' - failure
10+10: 4 sets

Deadlift: 5 x120lb, 5 x140lb
Pistols: 2 x10
Cycling: 20', HR >145

Late start, fasted, fast start.  This did not work, overall.  Lost both grip and shoulders during snatches.  Even cycling hit "force of will" at only 6'.  Last 4' on the edge of cramps.  Sore 2hrs later.  Not a good session.

Pistols worked.  DL's worked, limited only by grip, not back.  18rpm screwed me, but it was a novel feeling.  Grip is developing into an actual, free release and a strong hook that I never managed with traditional bells.

04/17 Sunday 2x16kg Jerk
warmup, windmills, halos
- J intended for time, 1-2 sets
2'@10.  Rack failed.
2'@10, 2'r, 2'@6, 2'r, 4'@2 for rack work
- total = 34/10' split

15 Step-ups, 15 Dips, 5FSQ + 40JSQ: 2 sets each

Rack was infuriating.  Revisit this with Coach later in the week.

04/18 light 16kg work
OAJ alternating sets of 5: 2 x5
SN slow alternating sets of 5: 2 x5ea

Lunch hour: stretch legs, 5 pistols, stretch lats, 2 x3 pullups
PM: 16kg 2x5 OAJ, 4x5 SN
20kg 5 OAJ, 5 SN

Sleep and recovery... I wake up tired after training days, fresh after rest days.  Mental or psychological?  I handled some weight on an off day and felt good.  How would I manage redistributing this into a 5th session?

04/19 Shoulder and hip work, Coach at 5:30pm.

Drive jerks with the legs.  5-10 vertical jumps before jerks.  2x20kg showed I was strong-arming the launch.  Use volume 24kg OAJ as supplementary work. Get 16kg/5' at least once a week, period.  Hanes t-shirt, WET, worked better than anything else I train in.  Add a set of 20kg SN before 16kg training sets.  Go for 16kg/6' snatch soon.

Preparing a new program.  Possible 5 sessions/wk.  Some short heavy work, some long comp work.

04/20 worked overnight and half of morning.

16kg 5 SW, 5 CL, 5 OAJ ea
20kg 5 SW, 5 CL, 5 OAJ ea, x2 sets

Felt good.  Do often.

04/21 16kg biathlon sets
shoulder ext rot stretch, hips, 1 TGU, WET t-shirt
J: shoot for 35/5' - 36/5' (8,8,8,6,6)
15' active recovery
SN: shoot for 35/5' - 42+40/5'20" (15,17,12/17,15,8)

Finally made 5' jerk.  Chalked SN did not help, tore skin a little. Continue to improve the hook grip.

04/22 maintenance work

Begin a 5 session routine next week.  2 exercises a day, assistance work distributed through the week.  1 day each at comp weight, 1 day each heavy, 1 biathlon test weekly.

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