Thursday, April 14, 2011

Training Log 04/11-04/15 - narrower KB jerk stance

04/11 calisthenics
Begin sets of Peterson step ups throughout the day. Response speed is visibly slower on the right leg.  Hip mobility work during lunch.

PM: foam roll, t-spine, 8+12kg rack 10' w step ups, 1x16kg 8' split set.

04/12 16kg Snatch
warmup, TGU, halos

1 set SN 16/4-5': 38+38/5' (big PR)

Pullups 2 sets of 5-8: 6 neutral grip, 5 overhand grip
DL 5ea 110#, 130#, 140#
Cycling 5.5mi/20', HR 140

2x16 Static hang: 2', 3'
2x16 Rack: 3', 3'

Held out until my grip was truly fried this morning.  Good session.  Previous 16kg snatch PR was 30+30/4'.  Possibly do some OA work on Wednesday. 

04/14 2x16kg Jerk
focus on hip-wide stance today
warmup, WM, OAJ, halos
J: 2'@8, 1'r, 2'@8, 3'r, 3'@8

OAJ: 3'@10
Step Ups, Dips 15x2
5FSQ+40JSQ x2
Stretch, including hip opener from

Good work today, and some GOOD diagnostics performed.  Slept well, warmed up and lifting by 6, first time in weeks.  Total was 2x16/56/7', all on video.  Work up to a total of 60/10' with timed rests, the whole program.  The rest of this is technical in nature from identifying and fixing some problems.

Got the narrow-stance idea from Ilya Tashlanov, IGSF world champion at 68kg.  He's teensy like me, and his stance is shaped like an "H".  (Does he even compete LC?)  Denisov and Rachinsky are much more A-shaped for LC, which fits the bells but isn't yet sustainable for me.  With the new stance, my launch looks more like Tashlanov or Rudnev now and feels good.  The rack carries are helping, and I'm fairly comfortable overhead when the launch is good.  If I can start breathing again overhead, I'm confident it will add a full minute.

Right leg is improving, on the whole, more than adequate today.  The hip opener is helping.  Left ankle's lack of flexion is rotating my knee out, spreading my stance.  (It was laterally sprained once, badly.)  This was a good discovery, one I wouldn't have made without the stance change.  It threw me completely off during jump squats!  Every bounce rotated a little further out.  Weightlifting shoes would relieve the limitation.  I may be able to fix this in therapy, but it's gonna hurt.

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