Sunday, April 10, 2011

Training Log 04/09-04/10

04/09 Sat 12-16kg Snatch
warmup, 16kg TGU 2-3, halos
5-10 OAJ x2sets

- Snatch drop sets, as described in notes

16kg/2' + 12kg/2', each hand. See notes about weather.
16kg/(15+15) 12kg/10 L, 16kg/(15+15) 12kg/10 R

12kg/4'@15 x well chalked
16kg/ alt every 10 x3sets ea

- total 12kg/60ea, 16kg/40ea

3 sets Half PLUP: 6OH, 6Close UH, 6OH
3 sets HPistols: 5 +10lb, 8, 8
Cycling: 4mi/15', HR 140
Stretch well

Notes: I've been needing a way to  add volume and length to snatch sets.  An entry at Girevoy Sport After 40 caught my attention, so I tried it today.  It mimics the idea of drop sets.  To quote Ukranian coach Morov:

Left: 28 kg - 50 reps, put down, 24 kg - 30 reps, then 16 kg - 50 reps (130 reps total). Without rest repeat the same with the right arm.

Those weights are out of my range, but the idea is accessible.  I trained outside, and the weather was muggy.  The bells were moistening out of the air.  The finish on the 12kg was almost slimy.  This was a good idea, but poorly executed.  Still, I did train 200 reps of snatch today.  No video this time.

Pistols and pullups behaved remarkably well.  I'm only training those twice a week.  The R knee has been griping at me for 2 days.  I was impressed that it warmed up and did the job.  I stopped at 8R the second set because I felt the first twinge of discomfort, not because it failed.

04/10 Sun 2x16kg Jerk
warmup, windmills, OAJ, halos
- J: schedule 2'@10 + 30"rest, repeat

20/2', 13/1'15"
Step Ups, Dips: 15x2
5FSQ+40JSQ x2

The pace caught up with me, made me sloppy.  I need mechanical work.  My elbows don't plant anywhere.  Video shows that I'm not just aiming my left arm wide; I'm rotating to the right.  I think I might be missing some feedback from my right leg, as much as I hate to keep blaming that.

Seeing Coach 04/12 or 04/13.  May pre-empt my snatch day.

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