Thursday, April 7, 2011

Training Log 04/05-04/07

Dealing with a crick in my neck, left side.  Has my shoulder a little tweaked, and the elbow's been clicking on terminal extension.  This happened to me a couple weeks ago.  Working a LOT on mobility therapy.

04/05 Tue 
Woke with 2-day crick in neck.  Midday calisthenics.
Modified sun salutes: pry-the-pump stretches, calf stretch, elbow extensions
Pistols 5 sets of 2
Pullups 3,4,5

Probably work my neck out one more night, train W and Th.

04/06 Wed 16kg Snatch
Warmup, stretch, 2-3 16kg TGU
(R callus is suspect. Be careful.)
4'@15 x1, L elbow and shoulder
2'@15 x1, 20/20 untimed x1

DB DL 10@100#, 10@120#
15' Cycling: HR 140, 3.8mi
Stretch, contrast shower, deep work on the neck/shoulder.

Left arm is definitely not 100%.

04/07 Thu 2x16kg Jerk
Warmup, stretch, 2 sets of 4 WM, 2 sets of 5 OAJ
J: 3'@8, 1' rest, 3'@8
3' slow: 2,3,3

- circuits
15ea P Step-Ups
15 Dips
5FSQ + 30JSQ
- 2 circuits done

1' OH walk, which felt remarkably good.

Stretch out well, contrast shower, some ice.

Felt better than I expected, honestly.  This felt safe while I was doing it.  I did not have 4' straight in me, so I did not push it.  Sore afterward, but not surprised.  I got the 3'/1'/3' set on video, but my camera angle clipped from the elbows up at the lockout.  The bells moved vertically, though my left arm feels like it rotates too much.  Meet with coach next week.  Video this weekend's Jerks, come Hell or high water.

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