Sunday, April 3, 2011

Training Log 04/01-04/03

04/01 Lunch Hour Calisthenics

2 Sun salutations each side
3 Close pullups
3 Pistols below horizontal
- 3 circuits

My weight's down to 144lb today.  The last thing that actually "packed on slabs of muscle" was Convict Conditioning calisthenics.  I enjoyed them, and I've slacked on my commitment to pullups and pistols.

04/02 12-16kg Snatches
Warmup, stretch, 2-3 16kg TGU
- SN
12kg 4'@20 planned...
Did 6'@20! Video, 62+60 (huge PR)
16kg @18rpm, 1'30"L, 1'15" R callus stopped me (26+22)
3 sets Half Pullups: 8OH, 8UH, 8Close OH
1' OH walk
20' Cycling: cut to 12' by call from work

Note to self: why am I doing pullups on snatch days again with all the grip fatigue?  Cheated last 2 pullups, but finished 3 good sets.

12kg Snatch PR!  Well above rank requirement.  Felt good, even stopped with some reps in the tank. Lost a whole callus on R a week ago, so working today on new skin.  May schedule 1 long set SN and add SW for next couple sessions.

P.S.  I'm just aware of this.  At state last year, two guys above 85kg competed with 12kg bells.  The higher score of the two was 184, 80 of it snatch.  I stopped that 6' set when I was no longer confident I could keep up 20rpm for a full minute, not when I was out of reps.  I can clearly snatch 12kg competitively, especially at featherweight.  What limits my jerk is the pressure on my hands, not lift fatigue.  I don't even have a pair of 12s to train jerk with.  We'll have to see in June whether I compete 12kg or 16kg.

04/03 2x16kg Jerks
Warmup, stretch, WM, 5-10 OAJ
LC: 2'@10 x (felt really quick)
3'15" @8 (8,8,8,2)
4' (9,8,8,9, small PR)
Dbl walk and jerk 3'@2

OAJ 6'@8
15 Peterson Step-Ups x2sets
5FSQ + 40JSQ x2sets

Stretch, including quads and back.

First set of jerks felt awkward on hands.  I gave up at 3'15", rested, and finished 4' at above 8rpm for the first time.  The total 34 was a PR, +3 over previous best and 2 reps better in the 4th minute.  Finish strong.  Spent over 10' under two bells today and 6' under a single bell.  I'll need to add dbl carries during the week to work out the pressure I feel on my joints.  If this didn't hurt, I'd do it all day.  I made a whiteboard commitment at the office to make rank III by state (below).

My digital camera has failed to actually record videos -- when I pressed the button, heard a click, and even saw a red "Record" icon on screen -- three or four different outdoor sessions now.  Any time I'm not in the main gym with the wall clock, my iPhone has to do clock duty and this happens.  Need to video some jerks this week for coach.

Personal Records at this time and 66kg BW
Snatch: 16kg 5' (30+30), 12kg 6' (62+60)
Jerk: 2x16kg 4' (34), 2x12kg NA

2011 Georgia State Kettlebell Sport Championship

Saturday June 18, 2011

Events - biathlon, long cycle, strong sport biathlon, strong sport long cycle
*lifters may compete in 1 traditional event and/or 1 strong sport event

Rules and Rankings - World Kettlebell Club sanctioned

Entry fee: $50

Extreme Conditioning & Fitness / Atlanta Barbell & Kettlebell Club
2830 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Duluth, GA 30097

8am - weigh-ins
9am - rules
10am - competition begins

To register email Scott at:

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