Thursday, March 31, 2011

Training Log 03/30-03/31, post-op recovery wk

I had septoplasty last week to open my nose, part of an ongoing plan to silence the sleeping giant.  Just yesterday, I got a post-op cleaning and clearance from my doc to resume training with observation for nosebleeds.  I'm breathing "okay", but that should be much better over the coming weeks.  By state champs in June, I may actually be breathing freely and sleeping deeper at night.  That would be awesome.

03/30 warm-up training
Sun Salutations and joint mobility to warm up
30min of 12kg Turkish Get-Ups and RKC Arm Bars
15/15 snatches and a few OAJs at 12kg
Stretch out well

Lunch: stretch lats and legs, a few pullups and close squats

This was light, on purpose.  Got all my joints to pop.  Got declined a few times to feel the blood rush to my nose again.  This is still technically a back-off week in my training cycle, so nothing too heavy or too long.  No idea what I'm doing tomorrow, maybe OAJ and 1HSW at 20kg.

03/31 PM assistance work, single 20kg KB
Sun Salutations, joint mobility
5min 20kg get-ups
- circuit
5 Goblet Squats
5ea Long Cycle Clean & Press
5ea Long Cycle Clean & Jerk
- 3 circuits
Snatch: 5ea x3
10' cycling, 2.6mi 
Stretch out

144lb weigh-in (-2 this wk)

Right knee was sore during lunge phase of get-ups, so cut them short.  Did some lighter get-ups earlier in the week, so mobility is overall really good. Was pleasantly surprised by 20kg snatches, purely as an experiment.

I am not yet sleeping "better", not consistently.  I should have been 8hrs rested when my alarm sounded, but I was dead to the world.  Better to keep the commitment later in the day than to tempt fate with a cloudy head.

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