Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Training Log 03/22: snatches and the long timed set

03/22 16 Snatch
Windmills, swings, stretching and joints
- Snatches
2'@12 to warmup
5' test, as slow as needed: 30/30, screwed up video
4'@12, on video
4mi/15' stationary cycling on hills program
Stretch thoroughly

The goal today was a long timed set.  Not any particular total or speed, but minutes.  I've been adding overhead carries to my training lately because my joints get fatigued with the bell overhead.

I've read some interesting commentaries lately about strength vs endurance in kettlebell sport.  There's commentary from Cate Imes on the question "Do you need more strength?", something that's been enticing me lately.  I've toyed with taking a block of time to do an EDT schedule and build up my strength, but the fact remains I can snatch 16kg and jerk 2x16kg for a few reps just fine.  My problem is stamina.  I feel the need to train up a weight because I'm not recovering properly.

There was also an article by Rudnev and Lopatin, "Strength or Endurance, development of strength and strength endurance in kettlebell sport", reviewing the emphasis on endurance training in KS.  In tests, athletes fared better in KS with backgrounds in cross-country skiing, rowing, and running than with backgrounds in powerlifting or maximal strength training.  The difference was not being able to lift twice the weight, but being able to recover between lifts without putting the bells down.  The image of a Siberian infantryman with his weapon and backpack on cross-country skis comes to mind and makes sense to me.  That's my problem right now, and it's been a long road to come to admit that.  I will eventually have to train strength to increase my margin for weakness, but that is not my problem today.  Carrying two bells up and down stairs for 10 minutes, that is my problem today.

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