Sunday, March 20, 2011

Training Log 03/19-03/20

I woke up Wednesday and Thursday with my left shoulder seized.  Describing it clearly would be more complicated than just listing what made it hurt.  Turning my head left more than 45 degrees.  Lying down on my back or rolling from side to side on my back.  Made stretching REALLY difficult.  Supporting my head in a lying position.  At one time, lifting my left arm while upright.  It was serious.  Overhead stretching was the only thing that gave me relief.  I started muscle relaxers, RKC arm bars 24hrs in, and some nerve glides and myofascial release work.  By Friday night I felt better.

The only thing I've changed or added lately has been some arm stretching designed to treat forearm pump.  External and lateral shoulder rotation, wrist extension, similar to an arm bar.  It felt fine at the time, and it felt fine when I resumed it on Friday.  I don't suspect it caused a problem.

03/19 Sat 16kg Snatches
stretch, windmills
- Snatch:
sets of 5 to warm up x2
2'@15rpm x1
3'@15rpm x2 (drifted 15-18rpm and didn't count)
- conservatively estimated 50ea side including warmups
Overhead carries: change hands @80 steps, 4 sets non-stop
Swings: 1' each arm non-stop (40ea)
Cycling: 3.5mi/12', Level 8, HR ~140

Stationary bike program "Hills - Around the World" has become a standard for me.  Good random-ish mix of resistance.

Did not snatch the 12kg today, on purpose.  Wanted to test form and stability, not stamina.  Short sets at comp weight, worked well.  Do not like incomplete chalking at all, will need to consider outdoor snatching as the summer approaches.

Recently bought the Diesel Crew's grip training DVD, need to work a few weeks on grip strength.  Grip and my left external rotated/overhead ROM are my two limiting factors in snatches and pullups, and the ROM is affecting jerks as well.  Right now, these are as important as jump squats and hip drive.

03/20 Sun 2x16 Jerks
stretch, windmills
OAJ 5ea x2
 A tad stiff, be watchful.
LC: 2'@8 x1 (8,10)
J: 2'/12,12. 2'/10,8. Not able to finish 3' today.
OAJ: 4' 18,16R/18,16L
Seated dips: 20 x2
FSQ 5 + JSQ 30 x2
CP: 5ea x2
Peterson Step-Ups: 15ea x2
1' oh walk ea x2
Stretch out, again later in the evening.

Notes: I have GOT to slow down and last 5' at something. If I don't break 5' J and 6' SN by month's end, I'll consider myself seriously behind schedule.  I'm probably missing next weekend following a minor surgery, so the clock is ticking.

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