Sunday, March 13, 2011

Training Log 03/12-03/13

Sat 12-16kg snatch
Warm up well
TGU: 2ea
- SN:
12/4'@20rpm x2
16/4'@15rpm,  finsihed 90" ea due to grip and skin
Half Pullup: 2x15, finished 2x10 barely
DL: 10@100#, x3
4mi/15' cycling @L6, 95rpm, 130bpm HR
Stretch out thoroughly

Cycling felt good, "Hills" program on the machine.  Snatch felt good.  Grip was just wrung out by the time I started the 16kg set, even though I took minutes between to rest.  Deadlifts and Pullups confirmed it was the grip.  Took a long, deep stretch session afterward, felt great.  I feel "close", like I need to make some little adjustment in programming, but I fool with my programming too much as it is.  Hope jerks work tomorrow.

Sun 2x16kg LC/Jerk
Windmill: 3ea x2
OAJ: 5-10ea x3
LC: 2'@8rpm x1
Jerk: 2'@12rpm x3
Front Squats 5 + Jump Squats 30 x3

C&P: 5ea
Peterson Step-Ups: 15ea x2 

1' OH walk ea x2
1H Swings 1'ea x2
Stretch out well

Jerks got fatigued, a little wobbly at the top.  I did launch off my hips instead of my arms this time, and wearing VFFs instead of shoes with a heel.  Not a whole lot quicker, but I am completing longer total time.  The pros recommend 16-18rpm Jerk.  I can do 15/1', but I can't keep it up for any length of time.  In this session, I started set 3 at 15rpm to experience a last-ditch sprint.  Kicked my butt, but I did recover my breath and finish out the 2'.

Sample video of a few reps LC, start and end of 1st set Jerk, and entire 3rd set Jerk to show my fatigue management.

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