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Training Log 03/05-03-11

This represents a change of content for this blog.'s new design has dropped their forum user blogs.  We're all hoping they reappear.  There are little banners and boxes saying "click the user's 'blog' link", but there are no blog links.  What's worse is that emails and forum posts asking about this have gone unanswered.  My last 2 years of training was on that blog.  I may take advantage of this blog's post-by-email feature and start just sending the notes from my iPhone straight to the site.  Those particular entries will be less formal than my articles.

03/05/11 - Snatch Saturday
TGU: 2ea @16
- Snatches:

12/3'@20rpm, 2sets
16/3'@15, finished 2'30" 
Total = 157/8'30", 2032kg total
Half Pullup: 2sets 10oh, 10uh
DL: 5@90#, 10@100# x2sets
Peterson Step-Ups: 15ea x3sets
Terminal Knee Extension machine: 70# tested well

Stationary Cycling: 2.5mi/10' @Level 8, 3' cool down

The 20rpm snatches were leading over the top internally rotated, which was causing my right hand to tingle again.  I may not have 20rpm in me anymore without some serious posture finagling.  At 16kg, one of my calluses dried out from the chalk and started to split at 1'15", so I changed hands.  Other hand cramped at 1'15".  Convenient that I can fail on either hand in the same number of seconds.

Dead lifts felt GREAT.  Step-ups are an interesting addition; "hurt" on the right but "challenged" the left more.  Never liked stationary bikes, but this was a good replacement for running.  I am still not completely over that cramp-up from Tuesday.

03/06 2x16kg LC Sunday
Windmill: 3ea
OAJ: 5ea x2
LC: tried 10rpm, too fast
 2'@6, 3'@6
J: tried 15rpm, too fast
 1'@15, 2'@12
FSQ 5 + JSQ 25 x2 
MP: 5ea, 1xSC, 1xLC, 1xDbl LC
Peterson Step-Ups: 15ea x2
A slow get-up and stretch out to close 

Jerk does not have a rhythm, and that impacts both my jerk and my long cycle.  Work on timed sets at 10-12rpm until 5-6' set; postpone LC beyond a single 2-3' set.  8'15" x12rpm is 100 reps, respectable at this level.

03/08 12-16kg Snatch
TGU: 2ea
- Snatches:
12/3'@20 x2 sets

 55+55/6' , 35+35/3'
16/3'@15 x2 sets:

  22+22/3' , 22+22/3'
 = 180x12, 88x16
Half Pullups: 1 set 10

Deadlifts: 1 set 10@100#
 Grip FRIED, move on
Cycling: 3.0mi/12'@L8 x HR 137/144, 95rpm, 11'30" 

Snatch worked well.  Did 3' each by mistake again, but without the cramps and profanity.  Forearms had so much pump they were visibly red.  Pullups and deadlifts were a formality to get the movements in.  Stick to the sport moves and the assistance exercises.  This was the highest volume of snatches I've done in a year, and it was in long timed sets.  I finished strong, 2 x 3' @16kg.  Getting it done.

Stationary cycling is not my choice, but it's my least objectionable machine class alongside stair climbing.  I've got stairs, and cycling lets me work hip flexors in equal volume with extensors.  This is a better substitute for running than I want to admit, and my leg's not complaining.  12' at pace and resistance.

03/10 AM work early
stretch out
Half SQ: 5ea, 10ea video
HKR: 15, 15 (2 PS)

PM 2x16kg Jerks
Windmill: 3ea
OAJ: 5-10ea
- 2x16kg J:

2'@10, 1'30"@12 smashed finger
1'30"@6, 2'@6
- disappointing launch, form was off. Had one aching wrist and legs tired from pistols. Not the best way to start.
FSQ 5 + JSQ 25 x2
MP: 5/5 x2
Peterson Step-Ups: 15ea x2

 Felt "off" the entire session.  I think my knees were tired from doing substantial pistol sets earlier.

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