Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wrapping a Season of Press

It's been, what, 18 months on Rite of Passage presses and swings? I think 18 months is long enough to consider a program "thoroughly tested", even with schedule variations like Kenneth Jay's "Perfecting the Press!" protocol.  This week I pressed the 16kg kettlebell 120 reps each arm in 36min.  It was almost continuous work. I had stalled with strain injuries at the very end of 2 separate passes through the ROP at 16kg, but I'm doing 4-rung ladders of 20kg and reps of 24kg now.  I'm stronger, I'm snatching again, and it's time for a season of something slightly different.

I'm officially no longer chasing the RKC this year. I could get a few things up to speed in time.  Not the doubles work and the 24kg snatch test and the 3 straight days and the 1000 heavy swings wrapped around the rest of the workout.  If I'm not training this on my own, I won't have it for a whole weekend.

I've started training for my health again and for competition. Pullups, pistols and spine work from Convict Conditioning, all of which is basically physical therapy.  A heavy bell day of get-ups, short presses, and swings.  A medium bell day of long-cycle clean and press for volume, which may well turn into 2-bell long-cycle and double swings for time.  A day devoted to get-ups and snatches, and WKC protocol circuits a couple times a week.  I feel great.  I'm snatching 3 or 4 days a week, up to 20kg without nerve pain.  This is miles ahead of last year, miles ahead of 3 months ago.

I'm a lot less interested right now in programs than in being strong and healthy and enjoying a sport again.  It's a mystery to me why one coach would say 5x5 reps and another 5x1+2+3+4+5 reps and another 120 reps, all from the same discipline.  I'm really interested in going in without a quota for a while, seeing what I can do before I get fatigued, making my sport lifts and pullups stronger.  If I can be strong and mobile and enjoy myself, it will be worth a season off the reservation.  I'm not an employee.  I think I've earned it.

P.S. wow, some of this program stuff is really sticking in my throat lately...

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