Monday, January 17, 2011

Drills, focus, and drills

I'm in a recovery week right now.  That's when I've been working a tension exercise like the military press in high volume for 4-5 weeks straight and need a week off.  This type of fatigue is as much neural as muscular.  I've had trouble getting out of bed in the morning, and a heavy-press test last week went worse than the month prior.  I wrote up a plan of calisthenics and heavy swings and get-ups. Then it was 6 days a week training 5 things a day, just not the military press.  That worked for exactly one session.  New plan.
  • Weekend: total fiasco with too many things.
  • Monday: stretching, squat-related drills, some GS biathlon practice.
  • Tuesday: heavy get-ups, short sets of heavy swings, a few cleans.
  • Thursday: leg raises, half-depth pushups (optional and short), GS biathlon practice.
  • Friday: pullups, single-leg squats, bridge-related drills.
  • Weekend: a heavy press, some pullups, a longer GS biathlon session.
First, I have one notably weaker leg that needs to bounce out from any lower than parallel.  Therefore, close-stance squats done :30 down, :30 up (thank you, Doc Cheng at KBLA).  I can actually feel the quads and glutes firing alternately until they sync up and "pull me out of the hole".  There is SO MUCH to learn about your movement when it's done super-slow, but that's a whole other article.

Second, in bridging and pushups, my left wrist goes numb.  Especially in bridging, I can feel the wrist catch the nerve pinch off at the armpit.  My left arm is a constant struggle, but I'm discovering the flaws one by one and addressing them without 50lb overhead.  It is definitely getting better.

Lastly, the KB work.  There's a difference between lifting a weight and supporting a weight on an extended arm overhead.  The snatch and the jerk launch a weight overhead and "land" it on the up-stretched arm.  If you did get-ups while someone shot a toy dart gun at the bell, you'd understand what I'm feeling and what benefit I'm getting from these two moves in a recovery week.  I may maintain this routine for a month if it feels right by the weekend.

P.S.  Notice that on any given day, I'm training 3-4 exercises.  I'm basically training biathlon, squats, and pullups with a few assistance drills for the torso. There's a whole other article about that in the works, how we have group sessions with 8 different things and our senior/master RKCs trained "pistols and long cycle today".  I did a group session with get-ups, planks (elbows and hands), swings, and long cycle C&P, and it wore people out.  I thought those were the things people trained the most, from day one, but it caught them completely off-guard.  What's up with that?

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