Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fatigue Month and an HKC workshop

I ended a 4wk block in the Perfecting the Press! program this week, and there's an HKC workshop this weekend at Condition Gym.  It all made a perfect occasion to schedule a recovery break.  That's a lot of links; I hope I get some sort of ad money.

My last workout was supposed to be a Heavy Session with a personal record test.  Now, this was the Fatigue block of the PTP! program, but I tried the 24kg anyway.  The very first left-armed rep was a fail.  I had to regroup, mix in squat presses and warm up the machinery to complete 10 reps each side.  I had prepped with 16kg and 20kg before carrying Frank off to the gym, plus halos and stretching.  It was just so... heavy.  I am still getting over that and may be sidelined a few more days while this shoulder quiets down.  I should know better.  I felt fatigued Sunday, and I should have known better.  It's called freaking "Fatigue block".

I added a pullup variation from Convict Conditioning to the Sunday Volume Session, and the overall high-tension work may have been more than I needed.  I need to make time for pullups, but they always compromise my lats or my grip or something I need for another exercise.  My cleans and swings were compromised by the end of the session, and I am still aching in my lats today.  I need to do more hanging from bars, lots more.  Just daily lat support and grip training with no other agenda.

There's a small reshuffling of gym priorities coming.  PTP! Density block is next, if I continue unabated.  I'm considering doing it with double kettlebells, similar to competition style.  I've discovered such an interest lately in bodyweight training and in Girevoy Sport that I ponder during this respite, what training would I do if I walked away from my current community with just a single bag of gear?  That remains for another edition.

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