Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 Health and Training Goals

... and a look back at 2010.  I made some resolutions on my facebook page a year ago.  Some accomplished, some postponed by injury, some just silly in the first place.  I have no use for 1000 16kg swings, and pistols and one-armed pushups really taper off if you don't train them regularly.  My body doesn't tolerate pushing hard like it used to. This has eaten my whole life, thinking about training and recovering from training.

The announcement of the Chicago RKC in September made me dizzy. I would love to do that, and everyone says it's a landmark experience in one's life that ranks up there with parenthood.  Even with early discounts, I'm looking around $1500.  I need to pursue this either as a side career or as a hobby, and the hobby direction is beginning to make more sense.  I'm tired of arguing on the forums and writing about working out all the time and nursing the shoulder and the wrist and the blisters.  This isn't my livelihood.  I can't look anyone in the eye and tell them KB training will save them time.
  • I am committed to completing PTP! 4-month plan in February or at least a variation of month #4. Probably finish 5x5 ladders @20kg and 5/5 @24kg, then focus on something else for a while. Leaning toward calisthenics and GS basics. I lost a lot of ground with simple pushups and pullups this year, though I can press all day.
  • Snatch 20kg in volume and 24kg on occasion. Strip handles if necessary, but get this worked out.  I want to retire single 16kg work in 2011.
  • 3200kg work is my new ballistics baseline: 200x16kg, 160x20kg, 133x24kg, 100xDBL16kg. Expect to do this every session by swing, snatch, or clean.
  • RKC? Chicago, September 28.  Get serious before January 10.
  • Compete in June AKC meet, preferably for rank III.  Maybe.
I just deleted a page of sample workout routines for AKC events and RKC prep.  Waste of my time.  If I want to prep for RKC, I'll talk to Delaine and James.  If I want to prep for the AKC meet, I'll talk to Scott.  If I want to be healthy, I'll look seriously into even-easier strength and CC progressions.  If I did my 3200 plus two other moves, 4 days a week, I'd be a monster.
  • Get-ups + pullup progressions
  • double long cycle + leg raises
  • pushup progressions + squat progressions
  • single clean and press + bridges
  • 3200kg of mixed ballistics each session, preferably heavy
That looks killer.  Even if I rotated out two pairs each month on a MTh/TuF thing, it would still be killer. ROP and PTP! and CC is too much already, and now I'm trying to shoehorn it all into competitions and certification workshops.  I need to train a couple things at a time each season and "practice" more.  This is not my life.  Go to bed already, it's midnight.

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  1. Hi!
    Nice blog ;-)

    I knew this rules by playing against a body how does not go so far i will go.....

    I has learned the hard way to used the body not as a machine!
    Now my way is to used the body as a partner to reach my goals :-)

    I hope you stay healthy and the rest will be done by the way....

    Nice greetings from germany!
    Take care,