Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Perfecting the Press, wk 2

10/17 16kg Volume
warmup, incl upper body
** knee popping a LOT, be careful of squats
- try 3-4 circuits
Jackknife SQ: 10
High-Pulls/SW: 5/5/5
SC C&P: 3r (1-2-3, 2-4, 3-3, 4-2, 6)
HP, 1-2-3, HP, 2-4, HP, 3-3, HP, 4-2, 2HSW, 6 Half-Kneeling
- did 4 circuits in 63min

Totals = 40 SQ, 300 SW, 120 CP @16kg

10/19 20kg Heavy
warmup, incl upper body, 1/1 TGU (easy)
- goal = 5 sets
Inv Row: 10 (sternum height, mostly OH)
SW: 15x2 (mostly 1H)
LC C&P: 1+2
- 5 circuits in about 40min
SW: 20 2H, 15 1H, 15 1H to finish

Totals = 200 Swings, 50 Inverted Rows, 5x3 ladders (15) long cycle clean & press @20kg

I had serious blisters coming out of last week. Did high pulls Sunday because I can actually tight-grip them to reduce sliding friction. Worked well. "Athletic tape" didn't last two sets. Grip itself is improving with the extended 20kg 1H work, though I did hit fatigue today.

Pressing well.  Whitley advised bringing a "heavy, near PR" bell to HSV, so I'm putting off the 24kg for now.  Maybe a few swings and get-ups, but that's it.  Back is a little stiff, right lats tight enough to give me some minor ulnar nerve irritation even now, but no tingling or grip loss.  Monitor super-closely.  3 days rest between VS and HS would be an improvement, even if not mandated medically.  Now then... Saturday morning, followed by pizza and video games, or Sun-Wed-Fri?  Saturday would get in the way of motorcycling, but Elwood's would make a great recovery meal.

I have questions about this lump-sum design, but I performed better this week than last. Do not yet "own" 5x3 ladders @20kg, do them again.  Start with 3x1, set the bell down between reps if needed.  These same numbers with greater confidence before moving on.  I might try 150x12kg for a weekend with pauses on the ones and half-kneeling sixes.  More volume, less soreness.  I like this escalating ladder design, very "Tracy" in style.  The ease of record keeping was a happy accident: reach "6" and mark a circuit done, instead of tracking 30 identical sets.

4 x (1,2,3 + 2,4 + 3,3 + 4,2 + 6) = 120 @16kg
3 x (2,3,5 + 3,7 + 5,5 + 7,3 + 10) = 150 @12kg
fatigue module, same sets, less rest
density module (1,2,3,4,5 + 3,5,7 + 5,5,5 + 5+10) = 60

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