Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finally, up a bell

At the end of June, I was feeling the effects of a nerve impingement in one arm.  I had been pushing really, really hard, and I just got it strained and inflamed.  Some therapy, a much lighter bell and different work for a few weeks, and it got better.  I still deal with some issues in my wrist, but I'm treating those as they come up.

During rehab, I was pressing 12kg for reps.  The last few weeks, I've been pressing 16kg for reps and progressing through the Rite of Passage.  I hit 5 sets of 1,2,3,4,5 a few weekends in a row, so it was time to move up.  I changed my focus from 100s of swings and dozens of presses to handfuls of presses and dozens of swings with a heavier bell until it was comfortable.  Did get-ups and 1+2 presses with it in Thursday's workout.  Today, I took the leap.

  • Swings: 5/5/5 x2
  • Maxercist Rows: 5/5
  • Clean & Press: 1+2+3
  • 5 sets, plus 50 added swings at the end to total 200 reps

The last two sets of presses were slow and deliberate and not quite perfect, but they were safe.  I'll be at this point at least the next two weekends, but this is huge for me.  I'm doing get-ups, swings, presses, and rows with a heavier weight.  Finally.

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