Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Shoulder and Snatch Sessions

Got the new 20kg and 8kg bells in last week.  Ironically, I've hardly handled the 20kg yet. The 8kg has been great for my arm bars and concentric isometric presses. Every non-workout day last week, I would start at my 8kg with 5 regular presses and 2 with isometric pauses on the way up.  Then repeat with the 12kg, then singles with the 16kg until I felt any tiny change in my form.  Usually my right arm and hip start to drift out into a sort of bent press, and the left side of my neck tenses up.  I've done this nearly every day, plus rehab movements. I finally pressed my way up to 20kg singles with each arm, and my press motion is more vertical and contained on both sides. This is such great news, it's hard to really express clearly.  I've been fighting with this motion for over 6 months.

I'm escalating two new priorities for the month of August: hi vol 12kg presses and hi vol 16kg conditioning.

  • 12kg ROP presses, maybe short sets 16kg on heavy day. Heavier singles once or twice a week.  I am really struggling to keep myself on the 12kg...
  • Repeat 500 16kg SW/20min. Work up to 1000/45min by month's end on a fresh day.
  • Repeat 12kg SN 200/10 and work toward doing it with 16kg. Work toward 20 or 30 min @12kg, VWC style.
My programming the last 6mos has been roughly the Rite of Passage from "Enter the Kettlebell". That's changed since this nerve pinch.  I'm pressing lighter, doing more get-ups and arm bars, and doing various rows instead of pullups to work on shoulder extension.  More light shoulder movement, fewer heavy presses and pullups.  Also, I put up around 1100 swings and 275 snatches each of the last few months.  I'm on pace this month for 3 times that.  I realize that's what Tracy Rif did by 9am this morning, but it's a significant increase for me.

I think it's accurate to say that I'm working from the bottom up now.  Swinging a bell heavier than I'm pressing and snatching.  Really heavy swing volume, heavy snatch volume, more get-ups, moderate press volume.  I've been focused on my upper body, but my lower body has always responded better.  We'll see where this goes.

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