Saturday, July 10, 2010

I lift like a kitten

I've spent the last week-plus working on mobility drills and resting from right arm pressing motions.  I'm not in pain anymore, which is good, but I lift like a kitten.
Regular RKC arm bars and lightweight (12kg or less) Turkish Get-Ups
Z-Health R Phase drills from the floor up
camshaft shoulder drills at varied angles
radial and ulnar nerve glides
isometric military press drills at 10lb and 12kg
I can press 16kg cleanly with the left arm, but not at all with the right.  I've just managed a 16kg get-up on the right with an unassisted floor press.  I also cannot do a strict pushup without the right arm flaring out and getting weak on me. There's still so much work to be done with the nervous control and  movement patterning on that arm.  I cannot believe I did this to myself after being able to press 24kg for singles on demand.

Obviously I need to get back into exercising in general, but this changes the plan.  I won't be pressing double bells or pressing 5-rung ladders anytime soon.  Keep up the therapy above at least daily.

Sun 16+12 outdoors
16kg swings in volume 2-3 sets per interval of lifts
16kg or 28kg cleans and front squats sets of 3-5
12kg presses 5+iso, work on chest and shoulder stabilization, quit when the right hip shifts out
Test 12kg snatches

Tue and Thu 16 indoors
16kg swings, 2-3 sets per interval
16kg get-ups with rachets and alternate middle sections, 2/2
pullups, sets of 5 per interval
pistols, 2/2 per interval

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