Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have a new way to unwind

I came home completely fried today.  I used to sit in front of the TV for about 30min to unwind, but the last couple weeks I've actually been more comfortable standing in my bare feet than sitting in a chair.  That's in large part to work I've done on posture, hip mobility, and barefoot training, all material for another fitness article.

Stretched out, got my spine straight and my hips folding over properly.  Did some mobility work on my spine and shoulders.  Felt frisky, so I set up some kettlebell swings.  These just clicked, and I ran with it.  Understand that I struggle with a neural issue in my wrists, so my grip goes numb before I get winded.  Not today.  I did a long, uninterrupted set.  I did sets with a heavy bell, 1-handed.  I did snatches and get-ups.  I worked until the iron had enough, and it felt great.  Took me no more than 30min.

It feels good to not be dependent on a TV to clear my head.  I can play some music or get some exercise or share time with my wife.  Those are all good, proactive activities.  I spend way too much time on passive things, like sitting in front of glowing rectangles (ironically like this one).

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