Thursday, June 17, 2010

06/17 In the New Routine

Back from vacation and premiering the new schedule.  High volume press/swing day, heavy work day, bodyweight and snatch day.

Sunday: 16kg for 5x5 presses, carries, and 264 swings
Tuesday: 24kg for get-ups, a few cleans and presses, some swings, and weighted pullups
Today: 16kg for get-ups, some NW prelim work (pistols to horizontal, low incline OAPs), 6x3 pullups, and a snatch maxVO2 cadence of 24

First, I should probably do maxVO2 snatches at 12kg.  I can snatch 16kg, but it's heavy for extended cardio work.  96/6min during my cadence test was a labor.  I should either start Team Rif's Freestyle Max counts or some ladders or something more "practice" oriented to build up the 16 first.

Second, I am LOVING 24kg get-ups.  I cannot MP that for more than a couple singles yet, but I am doing get-ups visibly better each week.  I may modify that day to include front squats instead of presses until I'm stronger.  Fewer different exercises, all heavy.  And I am so pleasantly surprised that I can do pairs of +25lb pullups.

Third, I had the good sense to start OAPs and Pistols again with intermediate steps.  Split squats are helping my knee.  Goblet squats are strong, straight, and deep.  Working back down the incline on OAPs and adding sets of divebombers and 3-pt pushups on the 24 day.  Preparation, preparation, preparation.

Last thing, I am so seriously thinking about packing my 16 and my 12 to do a double-press day.  Maybe do double-press 5x5 on Sunday and split 12kg snatches and 16kg swings.  I think my shoulders will handle 25 presses and 100 snatches as well as the ROP H 150 presses.  Skip get-ups (on the tile gym roof), shorten time on presses, 100 snatches and 200 swings.  Not bad.

Teaching a swing basics class tomorrow to a group of people from work.  Psyched.

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