Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wrapping a 16kg RoP for a Heavier Routine

I've been working a steady ETK Rite of Passage routine for 15 weeks now, following 6wks of the Shoulder Shock protocol.  I finished the 5x5 press ladders several weeks ago and finished the RKC  pace of 100 snatches in 5min at my 16kg training weight.  I'm nowhere near ready for the SSST's 200/10min.  Just not even enough to call myself "working on it" with a straight face.  That's 5mos of press ladders and swings at roughly the same weight.  Need to move on, lift heavy to lift heavier and swing longer to swing longer.

Did something new today, a full circuit workout with 24kg.  Loved it.  I've been thinking about a few different, very useful goals and routines people focus on.  KJ's Beast Pressing program, the Titan Challenge and Jordan's hour of get-ups, and some different cardio training.  A high volume swing day, a heavy weight swing day, and a max VO2 snatch day.  They're really disparate, but they have common threads in volume vs weight.  I'll be feeling this out until mid-June, at least.  I've also read some studies on DOMS and interspersed swings with heavy lifting for cardioacceleration, with encouraging results so far.  For my schedule, Sunday was my ROP "Heavy" day and is the day I have time for the longest session.  Love working out on the gym roof in the afternoon, but there's nowhere up there to do pullups... yet.

Sunday: 16kg ROP Heavy circuit
Clean & Press, 5-rung ladder
+ Pullups, 3-5 per ladder
+ Goblet Squats, 3-5 per ladder
+ the above done as a circuit 5+ times
Pistols or Tactical Lunges, depending on my knee
Swings, 300 or so (which is long for me)

Tuesday: 24kg circuit
Swings, 15-20 x3
+ TGU, 1-2 each side
+ 2H Clean + Goblet Squat, 3-5
+ Clean & Press, 1-2 each side
+ the above done as a circuit until presses wear out
Swings, 15-20 x6-9 at the end

Thursday: 12kg or 16kg get-ups and snatches
TGU, 5 each side
+ Pushups, 10
+ Pullups, 6-10
+ the above done as a circuit 3-5 times
Snatches, :15/:15 sets, done 10+ minutes for endurance

Considered doing the long press day with 12kg for 200+ reps, true Beast Press Protocol style, but 16kg is just right on that edge between conditioning and strength.  May do 12kg snatches and BU-TGUs for endurance instead of load, at least for the first few weeks.  I'm hoping this new focus on swings will enhance my snatches with 16kg.

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