Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Programs" and Record Keeping

Yes, I have a spreadsheet.  An honest-to-goodness spreadsheet of all my training the last six months.  Here's the problem.  I've been in "programs" all this time, scheduled days or weeks in advance.  One sick day, one poor night of sleep that cuts my volume in half, and I'm off schedule.  Mark Reifkind does sets of swings of different lengths, with different weights, and fits it all in a square inch of blog.  There's something very liberating about that.

I need to let go of the giant table of the same 3 exercises every day, get myself a moleskin journal and a waterproof pen, and get comfortable with my training.  The table meant something to me when I was charting progress and following Fighter Pullup and Shoulder Shock.  Not so much anymore.  It's less important to me right now whether I can do 9,8,7,7,6 pullups than if I can do 15 straight or do them with hand changes across a set of grips.  Can I press 24kg?  Can I do the SSST?  I can't do enough pistols to lose count, so "can I do good pistols?"  I also want to do more bodyweight exercise, but I don't have space for five more exercises.  Here's what I have in mind.

  • Plan A = 16kg TGUs (5/5), One Armed Pushups (2/2), Pistols (2/2), 16kg Swings/Snatches in alternate sessions of THIS routine.
  • Plan B = Pullups (Fighter Pullup or Ninja Warrior style), 24kg Cleans to Goblet Squats, 24kg Swings
  • Tu - Plan A, Th - Plan B, Su - Plan A heavy
  • Tu - Plan B, Th - Plan A, Su - Plan B heavy

    Train probably three days a week.  Make every Sunday "heavy volume day", so whatever plan I'm on that day gets extra volume.  I can't just do an extra 10 pistols, so the extra volume would look more like 1 extra pistol and 40 extra snatches.

    Get-up, press, pull, two different squats, two different ballistics (three if you count 16kg and 24kg swings as different).  I like this.  Frankly, I'd almost just do this to a comfortable stop or a managed fatigue and not keep numbers every single day.  At least for a while, that seems like it would be nice.  I need to go to the little moleskin journal store in the mall, find something that matches my Vibrams.

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